‘Ponytail Lost, But You Winning’: Fans React as Mo’Nique Dances Off the Pounds and Her Hair

Mo’Nique‘s workout video on Dec. 3 proved to the comedian‘s followers that the show must go on regardless of any mishap.

In the Instagram clip, Mo’Nique and her trainer Dwight Holt Jr. are seen dancing along to a Dypo Mantra when the expected happens: her ponytail clip-on extension comes loose. Dypo Mantra is a new dance challenge — which appears to have been created by Holt — that includes a spoken affirmation with an uptempo beat.

Mo’Nique revealed in her caption that during her workout video that her ponytail extension fell off while she was dancing with her trainer Dwight Holt Jr. @therealmoworldwide/Instagram

As the recording begins, Mo’Nique tackles the dance, which involved head, arm, and leg movements. Things were going well until the clip hit the 23-second mark. In that particular moment, “The Parkers” star was seen quickly nodding to the track’s beat, and the extension was hanging on the side of her head. Despite the blunder, Mo’Nique completed the entire workout.

Holt mentioned her ponytail extension at the end of the video by saying, “Did you dance it off?” Mo’Nique responded to his question by telling her trainer, “Did I dance it off? You saw it.” Holt wrapped up the clip by praising the star for a well-done job. He said, “You did that. That was the best round too.”

In addition to the clip, the 53-year-old also shared a message with her fans. In the caption, she emphasized the importance of laughing at yourself when mistakes happen and not stopping anything in life when they occur.

She wrote,”WATCH UNTIL THE END! When @dwightholtjr dances my pounds off and MY HAIR😜. Babbbbby what I wasn’t going to do is STOP! Sisters LAUGH AT YOURSELF, but whatever you do DON’T STOP!!! I LOVE US 4REAL.”

As the star’s followers viewed her post, many applauded Mo’Nique for finishing the workout despite her ponytail coming loose.

“Dance that ponytail off and kept it going. Moral of the story is never stop. I love it.”

“Ponytail lost, but you winning.”

“I love it!!!!! And you kept going! That’s how you do it!!!!!”

“You are an inspiration. Imma go sweat my wig out now.. You look amazing your hard work and determination is paying off. LET THOSE WIGS, PONYTAILS FLY HIGH IN THE NAME OF GOOD HEALTH.”

“You still did that.”

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