‘The Babies That Don’t Belong to Us….Belong to Us’: Mo’Nique Has a Message for All the ‘Aunties’ Out There 

Mo’Nique dedicated a meaningful Instagram message to “all the amazing aunties” on Monday, Nov. 15.

In the social media upload, the actress shared a boxed image that disclosed the importance of aunts in the lives of their nieces and nephews.

Mo’Nique shares a message to uplift aunties on her Instagram page. Photo:@therealmoworldwide

The post began, “Who says that grandparents and parents are the only important figures in a child’s life? Aunts also play a very important role in the upbringing of their nieces and nephews. Children have their parents to raise them and teach them values, but aunts practically take on the role of second mothers. They’re always there when their nephews and nieces need them.”

The statement ends with how aunts will “jump in and spend time” with their loved ones after a parent gets “tired.” “The relationship between children and their aunts is truly a close one. When mom is tired, an aunt is always ready to jump in and spend time with her little loved one.”

In addition to the boxed statement, Mo’Nique also showed appreciation to the aunties by writing a touching message. She said, “TO ALL THE AMAZING AUNTIE’S!!! EVEN TO THE BABIES THAT DON’T BELONG TO US….BELONG TO US!!! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU AUNTIE. I LOVE US 4REAL.” 

As Mo’Nique’s followers viewed the upload, many thanked the comedian for giving aunties their praise.

“Definitely! Thanks for sharing this!”

“I love this post. Yes, AUNTIES MATTER.”

“Thanks so much. I really needed to hear this. Sometimes I feel unappreciated and then here you go reminding me I’m important too. Love you, Aunty.”

“Thank you, Mo!!!!!!”

“Thank you, Ms. Auntie Monique. I love you for real too.”

Mo’Nique’s “aunties” post was so widely received that she decided to share an additional upload the following day, but this time include how uncles are also “special.” The reason behind the extra photo was because a fan brought up an uncles’ importance.

She captioned the boxed quote, “Hey, my sweet babies. So a good brother commented yesterday on the post asking what about UNCLES & I said if you post about UNCLES, I will post. I MUST KEEP MY WORD. AUNTS & UNCLES ARE SPECIAL! Thank you, my sweet baby, for sharing. I LOVE US 4REAL.”

Mo’Nique has been referred to as auntie by her fans over the years. She has carried that name with pride through sharing advice or her everyday posts. 

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