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‘Wrong Age That Ain’t 50 That’s 40’: Mo’Nique Fans Praise Her for Her Youthful Look While She Embraces Her Aging

Mo’Nique is celebrating her birthday early with another hot look.

The comedian shared a photo of herself wearing an emerald green wrap dress and short golds heels. Along with that, Mo’Nique’s hair was designed in a beautifully curled style with a side part. While it’s hard to tell what her face looked like because she is looking down in the photo, what can be seen is that her overall outfit is stunning.

Mo’Nique embraces turning 54 in a few weeks. @monique/Instagram

In the caption, Mo’Nique had a moment with her followers where she discussed embracing her age. “Hey my beautiful sisters,” she wrote, “I will be turning 54 in a few weeks and I am so WELCOMING of all it. Everything that comes with your 50’s. I often times here folks say 50 is the new 30’s or 40’s. Not for me GIVE ME ALL MY 50’s. I still have work to do and I WELCOME THE CHALLENGE. How y’all doing with AGING? I LOVE US 4REAL,”

Many of the followers who read the caption wrote back by responding to her question about aging. One person gushed: “I’ll be 54, in January! The aging is fine, I’m just trying to do it gracefully. Sidenote, I started menopause late, and the transition to find herbs to keep me sane was a task. Now that’s working itself out. I’m happy.”

Someone else wrote, “Happy Birthday Queen. When I turned 50 I felt like I was 25 w/some sense. The 50th Chapter has been ‘Living my Best Life!’ Come on around the corner 60th Life Chapter!”

Another who hasn’t hit 50 just yet said, “47 and loving it all! Growing older..growing bolder is a gift and I treasure it! Looking beautiful from your soul!” Someone else joked, “Wrong age that ain’t 50 that’s 40.”

Mo’Nique has always been a bit of a fashionista since her days on “The Parkers” where she played Nicki Parker. In most of the episodes, she kept her face beat and her hair done, and that has not changed. The only difference is as she has gotten older, Mo’Nique has gotten more serious about her fitness. She has shed around 80 pounds after working out and doing dance routines. Now all anyone can talk about is her amazing figure.

What do you think about her latest outfit?

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