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Conspiracy Theorists Think LeBron James ‘Something Is Fishy’ Tweet Is Related to His COVID Debacle; Expected to Play Against Clippers

LeBron James has had a very interesting 2021.

After a lackluster preseason, LeBron caught all the barbs from the media. His leadership as a super team-convening agent has been the fodder for talking heads and butt-hurt fans alike.

King Of Issues

With his injuries, mainly an abdominal strain, and new health concerns, James missed 12 of the Lakers’ 23 games this season.

In addition, he had a fake Malice in the Palace, in Detroit no less, got suspended and then caught COVID-19. In fact, he missed the L.A. Lakers’ win over the Sacramento Kings on Tuesday.

James had to be listed on the NBA’s health and safety protocols and miss four games over ten days in the NBA’s COVID-19 protocol.

Still Tippin’

“Obviously, it’s a huge loss,” Lakers head coach Frank Vogel said to the media on Tuesday before the game. “It’s disappointing. We just want the best for him right now.”

However, the Lakers beat the Kings 117-92 without the league superstar. James is expected to play tonight in Los Angeles against the Clippers.

“Following two negative PCR tests conducted more than 24 hours apart, Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James has cleared the NBA’s Health & Safety Protocols,” a the statement from the NBA read.

However, now James is getting caught up in the court of public opinion yet again. Recently, he took to Twitter to reveal his innermost thoughts on the coronavirus, and people aren’t feeling it.

The Fish In The Sea

“Something is REAL (fishy) going on”

The “fishy” was emphasized using five fish emojis, signaling James’ distrust of the games he missed due to the current affairs with the new coronavirus world.

It is unknown if James was referring to his missing games or the coronavirus pandemic vaccine skepticism. James has stated publicly he received the vaccine despite being skeptical at first.

To find out more about Lebron James’ return to the court from COVID-19 and what his social media post really means, click here.

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