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‘Fabolous Is Me’: Fans Sympathize with Fabolous After He Admits to Dipping Out of Diddy and Mariah Carey’s Parties Without Saying Goodbye

Fabolous found out that he and some of his fans have similar exit strategies when the urge to trade in the party time for nap time overtakes them.

The Grammy Award-winning artist tickled followers when he posed questions in his Instagram Stories asking whether they ever quietly excused themselves from a party because they didn’t “want to be the turn down to the turn-up.” “You ever got peer pressured into the afties?” he asked in one post. “You really wanna go home or back to the room but you don’t wanna be the turn down to the turn-up?”

Fabolous will disappear from a party, no matter how famous the host. Photo Credit: @myfabolouslife/Instagram

The “Make Me Better” rapper shared his own account of two occasions when he slid out on his famous friends that many only dream of partying with. “I told Diddy I was going to the bathroom & slid once. It was 7am & this n***a was still turnt!!! [three laughing with tears emojis],” he wrote in one post.

In another message, he confessed that he’s also exited stage left on none other than Mariah Carey. “I told Mariah I was going to move my car cuz it will get towed & skrrrrrrrrrrr [race car emoji] [laughing with tears emoji],” he shared. “It was 6 am & my verse been done we was just drinking wine & telling stories [weary face emojis].”

Fans completely understood where the “Breathe” rapper was coming from and admitted that they too have made quick, quiet exits from their fair share of get-togethers.

“Fabolous is me [laughing with tears emoji]”

“Diddy really do seem like the type that never sleep! I don’t blame fab [laughing with tears emoji]”

“She was telling Christmas stories [raised eyebrow emoji][eyes emoji]”

“Y’all wouldn’t let me leave so I made an executive decision.”

Fabolous gets tired too. Photo Credit: @theshaderoom/Instagram

Fabolous recently celebrated his 44th birthday on Nov. 18, by taking a trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, but made sure to get his party on at Drais in Las Vegas, where he also performed for a packed crowd.

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