‘Out Here Snitching’: ‘Insecure’ Actor’s Attempt to Expose Will Smith for Allegedly Hiring Ghostwriters for His Jokes Quickly Backfires

Will Smith joined Instagram in 2017, giving people an intimate glimpse into his humor, his fearlessness, and his love for family. Now, an Illinois actor and comedian is accusing Smith of not being as authentic as some might have thought, and that he hired people to write his Instagram “dad jokes.” 

Langston Kerman took to Twitter and dropped the bombshell. The actor, who has appeared on HBO’s “Insecure” and “South Side,” tweeted on Thanksgiving eve that the “Pursuit of Happyness” star hired ghostwriters for his social media account.

(L) Langston Kerman accuses Will Smith (R) of hiring ghost writers for his dad jokes on Instagram. Photo by @langstonkerman/ Instagram, Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

“I know so many comedians who had to sign NDAs to help Will Smith write silly dad jokes for Instagram. And now this n–ga is out here talking about throwing up from p—y poisoning. Rich people are wild.”

This great revelation might appeared to not hit the way the funny man predicted, as responses from fans were a resounding, “So what!”

One person read him for filth saying, “You think U Flexing on Will and really you don’t even make sense it’s like you wanted to tell so bad that he had help with jokes and also make fun of a section he stared in his new book. Who are you? Cause you’ll be looking crazy in Hollywood when Will stops your bag! #teamwill”

Another simply poked fun at Kerman, who himself has written for celebrities and was also a part of Chris Rock’s 2016 Academy Awards’ writing team. The response mocked the actor for taking Smith too seriously, saying, “Also he’s not really a prince. No Royal lineage at all. Just a guy from Philadelphia.”

Still, others just teased him for trying to tap into the current wave of attention that Smith is receiving with the launch of his memoir, “Will.”

“7,000 people laughing at it and then there’s you lmao”

“Man this woulda been hilarious if someone took the bait”

“Apparently the NDAs didn’t work. You out here snitching.”

“What does writing jokes and sex sickness have to do with each other?” one person questioned after reading the second part of the tweet.

While it may not fluidly connect with “Dad Joke” news, it is a spin on a headline connected from the “Parents Just Don’t Understand” rapper’s book.

In one chapter, Smith describes being 16 and getting cheated on by one of his early girlfriends. He claims he was so hurt by her breaking his heart that he went on a massive sexcapade, having intercourse with so many women that he became ill when he thought about making love.

Not quite p—y poisoning, but seemingly close enough for Kerman, a working comedian just announced that he will be performing at the Punch Line comedy club in January, to add in this Twitter joke. While only a few people have the definitive answer regarding these ghostwriting allegations, there is one thing that the public knows for sure: the rapper-turned-actor is not sweating any of this. 

Will Smith’s memoir Will is now a New York Times best-selling book and is No. 1 on this week’s hardcover nonfiction list.

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