‘Not My 9-5 Dollars’: B.Simone’s ‘Close Friends’ Business Venture Causes a Social Media Frenzy

B.Simone caused a social media uproar on Oct. 5 after announcing her latest business venture involving Instagram.

The 31-year-old revealed that she would be charging her followers $9.99 to be added to her close friends list in order to view her vacation posts. A close friends list on Instagram is a feature that allows an individual to design a subsection of followers who will then have access to view the user’s private stories.

B. Simone reveals she is charging her fans $9.99 to be added to her close friends list on Instagram to view her vacation videos. Photo:@bsimone/Instagram

In the clip, B.Simone stated while giving her followers a preview of what to expect when completing the purchase, “If you are not in my close friends, the CFS, the close friends show, if you don’t have the green bean, what are you doing? You’re missing out baby.”

Along with the compilation of videos, the comedian informed her followers that it would be in their best interest to make the purchase because she would be heading out to Mexico soon. She wrote,”VIP ONLY 😻 If you aren’t on my close friends you are truly missing out! I’m heading to Mexico in two days you don’t wanna miss this! All my vacation footage be on my close friends💚.”

As B.Simone’s announcement began circulating on social media, including blog site The Neighborhood Talk, showed in the comments section that they were on different pages. Some claimed her latest business venture was a creative one while others were flat out against it. A social media user even referenced B.Simone’s infamous “9-5” comment.

“This girl getting the bag in every way she can lol ain’t mad at it.”

“I’m not even mad at it, I personally don’t care to watch anyone’s trip like at all but if people want to see and sis can make some coin, why not? Lmaooo.”

“Do NOT hate the hustle!!!”

B.Simone clapped back at the naysayers and revealed that 3,000+ people have already made a purchase. Photo:@theneighborhoodtalk/Instagram

“Something is seriously wrong with social media influencers. They love to capitalize and profit off of poor people. Just hope people ain’t this damn desperate ☕️.”

“If you pay to watch these internet famous folks/celebrities to see into their lives, I need y’all to get your own life entirely. I’m begging.”

“Not my 9-5 dollars 😂.”

Later in the day, B.Simone took to The Neighborhood Talk’s Instagram page to clap back at the critics. She wrote, “It’s 1.40$ a day relax 😂 and 3000 plus people (and counting) seem to want this content ! If you don’t want to be on my close friends then I’m not talking to you see you 3k people in Mexico ❤️.”

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