‘Omg When They Get So Big?’: Toni Braxton’s Sweet Post to Sons Denim and Diezel Leaves Fans Stunned

Toni Braxton‘s sons’ heights became a topic of conversation among millions of her followers on Sunday, May 9, after the singer shared a new post of the three standing and posing beside each other. Toni shares Denim, 19 and Diezel, 18, with her ex-husband and Mint Condition keyboardist Keri Lewis.  

Toni, who was seen standing in between her two sons as she is lovingly gazing at Denim in the first pic and throwing up a peace sign in the other, expressed how being a mother was considered to be her “greatest gift.” She said as she tagged her sons alongside her mom in her Mother’s Day upload, “Being your mother is the greatest gift of all @denimbraxton @diezel.braxton Wishing my beautiful mother @evelynbraxton and all the moms out there an amazing Mother’s Day!”

Toni Braxton’s fans get sidetracked over how much sons Diezel (left) and Denim (right) have grown after the singer shares a new post. Photo:@tonibraxton/Instagram

Her mother, Evelyn Braxton, commented how incredible Toni’s sons are. The Braxton matriarch wrote, “Happy Mother’s Day. Your sons are incredible! These boys know that they love their mom‼️ look at God❤️🎁.” Many fans bypassed Toni’s initial message and mentioned how much Denim and Diezel have physically grown. 

“Toni they left you behind in the height department! 😂Tall & handsome young men. Happy Mother’s Day❤️.”

“Wow they are so tall now!❤️ 😮.”

“Wow ! Those boys are towering over you Toni.”

“Omg When They Get So Biggggg.?!”

While many of Toni’s followers mentioned her sons’ height, an Instagram user brought up the 53-year-old’s ageless appearance. That person wrote, “You’re their mother? You look younger than them! 😎.” Last year, the singer revealed her anti-aging beauty secrets, which included a vibrator as she shared her Vogue Magazine get-ready video. In the clip, she informs her viewers that the sex toy helps activate her face muscles.

Toni said, “It is, it is a vibrator. But I call it a face tingler; it just tingles the muscles in my face to get them activated and working. I haven’t used it on anything else other than my face, okay, just FYI. This has got the little ball here, which is perfect. Sometimes I put it in the freezer, this is really cold, I just kinda rub it and it just activates all those muscles, get ’em together.”

The singer also credited not wearing makeup on her down time, a cleanser and moisturizer for her youthful glow.

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