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‘The Hair Is Absolutely A NO’: Amara La Negra Fans Beg Her to Do Away with Her New Hairstyle

Amara La Negra is showing, growing, and glowing.

The soon-to-be mother of two appeared in “Nuestra Belleza Latina,” a competitive beauty pageant for women in Puerto Rico and the U.S, where she also shared a very interesting new look.

Amara La Negra flaunts new blond look. (Photo: @amaralanegra/Instagram)

Looking pretty in pink, she wore a long hot pink strapless dress and pink eyeshadow to match. Lately, it seems La Negra has been keeping her signature afro hidden under several different types of wigs. In fact, it appears that she has scrapped from Instagram all photos of herself wearing her natural hair out.

Instead, for this reality TV series, she went with a short yellow-ish blond wig, but fans were not too impressed with it. “Please take this wig off,” wrote one person. Some of her followers admitted that they only liked part of her look.

“The make up is an absolute yess beautiful…the hair is absolutely a NO,” said a follower. “No to the hair, however, she is ENTIRELY beautiful. Congrats again on the beautiful babies,” wrote another.

Hours later, “The Love and Hip Hop” star appeared as a guest on The “Despierta America” morning show, and while there she took some pictures to show off her ever-growing babies bump. On Monday, Nov. 15, she shared photos and clips from the interview that showed her wearing a red long-sleeved crop top and matching red pants.

To complete the outfit, she added a pair of red pointed heels, and she also stepped out with a new hair color. With this outfit La Negra changed her hair color again and opted for a red wig for her interview on the morning show.

But a new look was not all the singer was debuting. The 31-year-old revealed in a caption of one of her posts that she was not going to be the only diva in her house soon. “Im Having 2 Girls,” she wrote and repeated it in Spanish.

Amara La Negra reveals she’s having twin girls. @amaralanegra/Instagram

She initially shared the news earlier this month that she was pregnant with twins. However, this is the first time that she is sharing the gender. This was almost a month after she revealed in a now-deleted Instagram post that she had a miscarriage in July.

La Negra’s real estate partner Allan Mueses was the father of her unborn child. It is not clear if he is the father of her unborn twin girls.

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