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‘50 Needs to Worry About These Episodes Not Airing’: 50 Cent’s Trolling Tyler Perry Post Goes Left When Fans Bring Up ‘BMF’ Mishap

50 Cent‘s trolling post toward Tyler Perry went left on Nov. 11 after fans mentioned the “BMF” problems.

“BMF” is a Starz series that follows the rise and fall of Demetrius and Terry Flenory and their organized crime group Black Mafia Family. Earlier this week, Starz removed the show’s seventh episode after it had been uploaded for a few hours on Nov. 7 — an early leak by Starz itself. 50 Cent, executive producer of “BMF,” later expressed his frustration with the network and said the episode will re-air this Sunday, its originally intended air date.

50 Cent and Tyler Perry. (Photos: @50cent/Instagram, @tylerperry/Instagram)

In the now-deleted social media upload, 50 Cent shared an image of Demetrius Flenory Jr., the lead character from the series, with Perry’s face digitally edited onto the photo.

Although it is unclear who created the image, 50 Cent took it a step further by asking his followers if Perry should portray Demetrius Flenory, also known as “Big Meech.” He wrote, “I should let Tyler Perry play big Meech, that would been fire or Nah. LOL.”

As his post went viral, fans bypassed his caption and brought up the gaffe. A couple of people mentioned how 50 Cent should focus on the recent episode being pulled, while others asked the mogul when it would air.

50 Cent’s trolling post of Tyler Perry’s face superimposed onto the “BMF” character Big Meech’s body backfired after fans brought up this week’s problems with the show. (Photo: Twitter)

“50 need to worry about this episode not airing.”

“Where the f–k is the new episode bro!”

“Baby are we getting a new episode this week or what?”

“You should’ve got STARZ to play episode 7.”

In addition to the “BMF” remarks, a few social media users called out 50 Cent for being a troll. One wrote, “50 is the biggest troll.”

Another said, “I can’t really believe 50 Cent at his big ol age is the one behind his social media.”

This wouldn’t be the first time 50 Cent has received flak for his trolling. His most recent backlash occurred in October after the mogul reposted a clip that compared Lil’ Kim to a leprechaun.

Lil’ Kim responded by writing a lengthy message suggesting his post was corny. Her husband, Jeremy “Mr. Papers” Neil, later shared a clip from 50 Cent’s film “Things Fall Apart” in which 50 played a cancer patient, and Neil captioned it “Now this sh*t is funny old man @50cent.”

Despite 50 Cent’s actions toward Perry, the 52-year-old has yet to respond.

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