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‘A Lot of Russell Wilson’s Out Here’: Lil Duval Sparks Debate After Fans Swoon Over Ciara and Russell Wilson Sweet Post to One Another

If there’s anything Lil Duval is going to do, it’s tell some jokes and spark debates.

The comedian chimed in on the recent swooning by fans who saw Russell Wilson and Ciara’s beautiful messages to each other. Wilson and Ciara have been married for five years and have been made into many an inspiration for many of their fans.

Lil Duval (left) and (R) Russell Wilson and Ciara (right). (Photos: @lilduvalrichbroke/Instagram, @ciara/Instagram)

Their love story has been a magical one from the start, and people can’t get over how healthy their relationship seems to be. However, Lil Duval feels like the women who claim they want to find “their Russell Wilson” aren’t being honest.

“Y’all women know y’all don’t want no Russell Wilson type. You’d be bored out yo mind and cheating in a few year,” he wrote in a Nov. 10 tweet.

Then later followed up with another that said, “News flash its a lot of Russell Wilson’s out here. y’all just ignoring them cuz they not rich.”

Two days prior to Duval’s tweets, Ciara tweeted two photos of herself, Russell, and two out of three of the children they share. However, it was the caption that took her fans’ hearts. “Watching you go on this journey these past weeks has been inspiring. Your hard work, drive, and dedication never ceases to amaze me! You’re the Best leader I know. The true definition of a Champion. Proud of you baby @DangeRussWilson #3 Let’s Go,” she wrote.

Fans, women in particular, clapped back at Duval’s tweets on both Twitter and Instagram once his tweets circulated. One person said, “Part of being Russell Wilson is having the money.” Another added, “Well then they not Russell cause he rich.”

But some women argued that their guy doesn’t necessarily have to be rich like Wilson, but at least financially stable. “He doesn’t have to be rich, but have some financial stability, and be able to handle your business. I got the rest,” said one person. A male follower also commented writing, “The money part is a big deal bro. How do you buy gifts, fine dining, holidays, etc without money? Else ‘date at your level’ bruh>.”

What do you think? Is the financial status a big part of making someone the kind of catch the Seattle Seahawks quarterback is?

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