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Lil Duval Cracks Fans Up After Posing With Tiger: ‘I Just Wanted to Do That’

Lil Duval posted a video of himself lounging with a tiger, and he made a lot of people laugh based on how he responded.

The comedian shared the clip Wednesday on Instagram, and it shows him right next to the striped animal snuggling with him or her. He also borrows Tony The Tiger’s catchphrase, the animated mascot for Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes.

@lilduval Instagram

“Save the tiger, save the world,” said Duval in the clip. “Grrrrreat. I just wanted to do that.”

But then the animal makes a sudden move, which seems to send a jolt through the comedian’s 5-foot-2 frame. He also goes from sporting a big old smile to a look of terror in under a second.

“That was hello,” said a male voice off camera, who was possibly in charge of the massive mammal. “He did it back.”

Duval then continued to snuggle with the tiger and didn’t appear to be scared after that.

He shared a couple of screenshots of the clip as well, and one showed him smiling with the animal, the other showed how frightened he was.

Afterward, a number of Duval’s followers posted laughing emojis to express how tickled they were, and others told the 42-year-old that he took a huge risk.

“You crazy for growling in his ear 🤣🤣🤣🙏🏾,” one person wrote on Instagram.

“I must say that you are brave but coo coo for posting up with a Tiger!” wrote another.

“It was about to be “lived my best life” 😂😂😂, a third person wrote, bringing up Duval’s song.

Others, meanwhile, said posing with tiger wasn’t the most dangerous thing Duval did, it was the sound he made.

“I wouldn’t raise my voice next to a tiger 🤣” someone commented.

“I wouldn’t even make those type of noises near him,” wrote another.

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