Russell Wilson and Ciara Reveal the Rules They Follow to Maintain a Successful Marriage

For a while now, Russell Wilson and Ciara have been the model couple and relationship goals for many fans. Now the lovebirds are giving the inside scoop about what has helped them have a successful marriage, and just in time for Valentine’s Day too.

For starters, the superstar couple agree that God is the bedrock of their relationship and they use their spirituality as a guide within their marriage. The very first thing they do before starting their day is pray together.

Ciara and Russell Wilson. (Photo: @ciara/Instagram)

“God is the center of it all for us. And that’s a foundation for us,” Wilson explained to GQ. He continues, saying, “I think as we get to do everything together, business, life, kids, you know, parenthood, all that stuff, in every one of those categories the center of it is God and our faith.”

It’s an age-old idea that communication is key for relationships, and Wilson has seemingly mastered this with Ciara. Using his football career as an analogy for why communication is important, he is able to circle that back to his marriage.

He said, “If I don’t communicate to my receiver, he doesn’t know what the play is. It’s like, ‘Uh, hey, what are we doing here?’ It’s probably more significant than that, even, but for us, for me and Ciara, communicating, it’s the same. Demonstrating a way in which he would communicate to his wife, he said, ‘This week’s going to be a challenging week, babe, because I’ve got this responsibility. What about you? What do you have?’ And at the end of every week, we always go through a checklist of questions of, you know, ‘How’d I love you this week?’ ”

The pair also have rules within their marriage, one being about proximity. They both believe it is important to be near each other as much as possible, especially with their busy schedules, which sometimes forces them to be apart. Wilson has to travel for football, and Ciara may have to go sing at an event. But they make it work by making it a rule of how many days they are allowed to be separated.

Wilson explained, “When we first met it was 14 days.” Then after they got married “it was 10 days. And now it’s no more than seven or five. I don’t know, it may be really five days at this point.”

Many fans of the couple admire many things about their relationship, from Wilson loving Ciara’s first child as his own, to seeing the way they speak about each other. It is like an automatic feeling of love many people get when watching them, and they both value the loving reactions they get from fans. Ciara said, “It lets you know the feeling that people feel from you. It speaks for the power of love.”

Ciara and Wilson said “I do” in 2016 and will be celebrating their five-year anniversary in July. Since getting married, the duo have welcomed two children, their daughter Sienna Wilson and their son Win Wilson.

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