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‘She Definitely Following In Her Daddy Footsteps’: Bow Wow’s Daughter Shai Moss Lands New Acting Role with This Actress

Bow Wow and Joie Chavis‘ daughter Shai Moss landed a new acting role with “Smart Guy” star Essence Atkins and fans are going nuts.

This initial announcement came immediately after the actress posted a stream of behind-the-scenes photos on Wednesday, Sept. 15, from an undisclosed set. The images included Atkins’ co-stars Moss, comedian Tony Rock and Kennedy Stephens.

Fans praise Shai Moss for landing an acting role after “Smart Guy” actress Essence Atkins shares a touching post with photos of the cast, which also included Tony Rock and Kennedy Stephens. Photo:essence_says/Instagram

The 49-year-old captioned the upload while dedicating it to her castmates. “I love what I do especially when I get to do it with kind and talented people. New project. New character. New blessings. #thankyouGodmoreplease 🎬🎭💖.”

Days before Atkins’ “dedication” post, Moss took to Instagram and shared she was working on something special, without disclosing what it was. She wrote on the Sept.13 upload, “Quiet on set 🎥 💫.” Details surrounding the new project have yet to be released. In the meantime, plenty of people have jumped in to congratulate the young star. Many even compared the 10-year-old to her father.

(L-R): Shai Moss, Tony Rock, Essence Atkins and Kennedy Stephens. Photo:@essence_says/Instagram

“She really stunting like her daddy 😭😭😩😩.”

“She’s so talented and I’m here for it. She’s definitely following her dad’s footsteps 🙌🙌😍😍.”

“GET THAT BAG SHAI 👏👏👏 one thing about bow wow he gone make his kids follow his acting career.”

“Just like her daddy 👏🏽.”

“I’m here for all of it, she’s a natural born star. Keep shining baby.”

Moss’ latest accomplishment followed Bow Wow’s “Like Mike” sequel tweets, which insinuated she may be involved in the project. While sharing details of the new “Like Mike” sequel, the rapper disclosed when asked if his daughter will star in the film, “Shhhhh….. another gem ima drop. It wont be called LIKE MIKE. But LIKE someone. We are taking our time with this one. I believe this mite be bigger than original. Cant wait.”

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