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‘Reign Said Go On Somewhere With This’: Toya Johnson’s Pre-Birthday Post Goes Left After Daughter Reign Calls Her Out

Toya Johnson‘s pre-birthday announcement on Thursday, Oct. 21, got sidetracked after her daughter Reign Rushing, 3, killed the mood with her honesty.

The 37-year-old, who will be celebrating her birthday sometime next week, said before the toddler rained on her parade, “It’s almost my birthday, Reign.”

Toya Johnson’s pre-birthday video goes left after her daughter Reign Rushing calls her out for celebrating too early. Photo:@toyajohnson

Rushing then replied, while coming into the camera frame, “Mommy, no, it’s not your birthday.” When Johnson began to disagree with the 3-year-old by responding, “Yes, it is,” she shot back, “No, it’s not.”

As the entrepreneur tried jokingly to diffuse the situation by telling her daughter that “it’s another year, sis,” Rushing continued to stand firm on her previous statements. She said,” “It’s not your birthday yet.”

Johnson wrapped up the video by listing the people in their household who have birthdays, including Rushing and her father, Robert Rushing. “You have your birthday and Daddy has his birthday.”

As fans viewed Johnson’s post, many brought up Rushing’s reaction to the birthday news.

“Baby Reign isn’t trying to hear all of that lol she said no.”

“Reign said you not about to tell this lie to get all the attention, it is not your birthday.”

“Reign ain’t having non a that,trying steal her shine talking bout it’s your birthday.”

“Reign said go on somewhere with this it ain’t time yet.”

“Why Reign never let Toya shine.”

Among the previous remarks, a couple of people mentioned how the 3-year-old came on camera to expose her mom. One wrote, “She got in the camera to let us know.” Another said, “It’s the fact she got in front of the camera, lol.”

This recent video wouldn’t be the first time Rushing stole the spotlight from Johnson. In 2020, the reality star, posing for a pic, was photobombed by the toddler.

In the caption, she wrote, “I can’t even take a pic by myself when this one is around. lol the photobomb princess.”

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