‘The Boyfriends Don’t Like Me’: Reginae Carter Talks About the Struggles That Come with Being the ‘Single Friend’

If you want a friend that is simply going to tell you what you want to hear all of the time, then Reginae Carter may not be the friend for you.

The 22-year-old recently appeared on “The Real” daytime talk show and discussed how keeping it real with her friends can backfire. “This is like my biggest problem right now; I’m the single friend. So being the single friend with a lot a friends that have boyfriends and kids and everything, you know, the boyfriends don’t like me.” Mimicking the reactions of her friends’ boyfriends, she shared that they tell her, “We want you to sit down.”

Reginae Carter’s Instagram (@colormenae)

Carter explained that some people may not be able to handle honesty based on the type of person the friend is. “It’s different type of friends you that you have. You have those friends that you can tell whatever you want to and how you feel about it and they can take it and y’all be cool the next day. But then it’s the friends that take everything serious and be like ‘Girl stop judging me.’ ” She explained that those type of friends are “the ones that got a problem.”

“The Real” co-hosts Loni Love and Garcelle Beauvais both agreed that they would not dare give their friend unsolicited advice and would instead wait until their friend asks them for it. Carter, who was doing the interview remotely, could be seen in the background making a face in disagreement.

Jeannie Mai, another co-host, said she would “elicit” her advice regardless of if she sees her friend going through something but would preface her advice with “You don’t gotta listen to me.” Carter said she also would not wait to give her friends advice. Her reasoning being “If I don’t say it how would they know.”

Carter admitted that giving advice can “backfire,” but says her friends “know what type of person I am and they know that it’s all love. I’m not hating on you I just want better for all of us.” As far as cheating goes, hopefully Carter doesn’t catch any of her friends’ boyfriends cheating because she said she would “absolutely” tell the friends. “I’m calling her while he’s there, Facetiming actually.”

While it’s not clear exactly when she became single, Carter told the public she was single underneath a social media post in August. She had been romantically linked to rapper YFN Lucci in 2018, but they broke up in 2019 and got back together in 2020.

YFN Lucci writes message about people not showing him love. (Photo: @yfnlucci/Instagram)

Lucci made an interesting post shortly after the clip was posted that some think could have been aimed toward Carter. On his story he wrote, “Everybody I Ever Told I Love SHOWED EM Funny How Some Never Showed Me They Only Told Me!!!!”

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