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‘That Phone Camera Almost Fogged Up’: Evelyn Lozada’s Sizzling Workout Video Left Fans Salivating Over the Star’s Assets

Evelyn Lozadas workout video on Monday, Nov. 8, had fans wanting more as they got a close-up look of the former reality star’s curvy physique.

In the Instagram post, Lozada, who was being filmed from various angles while exercising, appeared to be working on leg day as she started the video with a weighted squat workout.

Evelyn Lozada’s workout video left fans drooling as they get a close look at her curvy physique. Photo:@evelynlozada/Instagram

The clip then transitions to the 45-year-old doing a hip extension exercise on a cable cross-over machine. During this portion, Lozada is seen extending her right leg before placing it in a stationary position. The benefits of this particular exercise are stronger glutes and hamstrings.

In the final exercise, Lozada incorporated a shoulder workout alongside more squats. In addition to the video, Lozada shared how it felt going back to the gym. She wrote, “Now back to my regular scheduled program!” As fans began to view the post, many marveled over the mother-of-two’s figure, while wondering why her video was solely focused on her butt.

“Now Ev! WHO got the camera, cuz… never mind just go, AWWWF Sis!”

“That phone camera almost fogged up looking good.”

Evelyn Lozada’s daughter Shaniece Hairston confirmed the cameraman behind the butt-filled workout video was a celebrity trainer named Tim Hamilton. Photo:@evelynlozada

“Who’s recording this a– cheek spreading video???”

“He can’t even get it together in the background!!! He’s definitely waiting to shoot his shot lmao.”

“Camera all in that a–.”

Among the “butt” remarks, other people raved over how Lozada’s bodysuit helps accentuate her curves. One wrote, “God bless whoever made those pants.” Another said, “Loooove those bodysuits. You look amazing.”

Later in the day, Lozada’s daughter Shaniece Hairston confirmed the camera person behind the workout video was a celebrity trainer named Tim Hamilton. She wrote, “Camera man @gitfittim.” Hamilton responded by saying Lozada instructed him to capture her best angles. He stated, “haha, I had explicit instructions.”

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