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‘Is This the Same Individual?’: Peter Thomas Stops Fans In Their Tracks After He Shaves Beard

Peter Thomas‘ appearance caused a commotion among fans on Instagram after the former reality star debuted a new look.

In the social media post shared on Nov. 2, Thomas uploaded an image of himself with a clean-shaven face.

Peter Thomas stunned fans after debuting a shaven look. @peterthomasrhoa/Instagram

In addition to what fans deemed was a shocking new look, the 61-year-old disclosed in the caption the sole reason behind this change: a fresh start. Thomas wrote while mentioning what his daughter called him when he came home, “It’s one of those f–king days, I look like I just came home after doing 20 years, my daughter said I look like a MILK DUD, SMFH, some time you just have to start over, f–k it.”

As Thomas’ post went viral, many proclaimed how unrecognizable he looked without his beard. Others told the celebrity to glue his beard back on.

“Harpo, who is dis man.”

“If you don’t glue that beard back on and quit playing!!”

“SoMeTiMeS yOu GoTtA sTaRT oVeR. Who TF said that. Peter pick those clippings up & find you some hair glue, Elmer’s, two-sides tape or something coz no sir.”

“Wait a minute!!! is this the same individual? He better never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever #cuthisbeard.”

“His beard is such a big part of his appearance now that it’s gone he’s a whole nother person.”

Peter Thomas’ look before and after his clean shave. (Photos: @peterthomasrhoa/Instagram)

Among the “unrecognizable” remarks, several people mentioned how a beard is an essential accessory for men. One wrote, “Yea, beards definitely have the same effect as makeup.” Another said, “And that’s why all beards matter.”

Thomas isn’t the only “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star who caught fans off guard with a shaven face. In April, Kandi Burruss uploaded an Instagram video that showed her husband, Todd Tucker, without his signature beard.

In the before-and-after recording, Tucker is seen flaunting his braids when a computer-generated voice says, “This is how he looks normally.” Another clip showcased Tucker getting a touchup to his hair when Burruss applied a filter that removes his beard. The same computer-operated voice then says, “Todd never needs to cut his beard.”

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