‘Kiss My Black A—!’: Halle Berry Had a Fiery Response After ‘X-Men United’ Director Lashed Out During a Staged Drug Intervention

Halle Berry’s intensity on-screen as Storm in the X-Men films was just as fiery on set at least on one occasion, says a former co-star. 

Alan Cumming, who starred in “X2: X-Men United” alongside Berry, claims the actress had a single memorable outburst during the arduous process of filming the 2003 Box Office Hit. 

Cumming claims the incident unfolded while the cast attempted to persuade the film’s director Bryan Singer to acknowledge his shortcomings in handling the production and safety concerns of the cast. Cumming claims Berry and others became concerned and suspected prescription drugs may be at play when Singer would disappear from set for hours, causing delays in filming. As a last-ditch effort to help the production and Singer, the cast staged an intervention.

Halle Berry’s latest film “Bruised” has the actress portraying her toughest role yet, an MMA fighter. Instagram (@halleberry)

Berry, who has experience in dealing with loved ones who’ve dealt with addictions, attempted to appeal to Singer with compassion in her plea for him to get help. “[She] spoke movingly of people she known with drug addictions,” wrote Cumming in his book, “Baggage: Takes From a Fully Packed Life,” where the ordeal is recollected. 

He claims Berry’s compassion, along with other castmates who spoke up, was met with a crass response and claims that the actors were “full of f——g s—t!” It was then that Berry allegedly told Singer “I’ve heard enough. You can kiss my Black a-s” and stormed off. 

The former Bond girl has never spoken publicly about the alleged outburst, however, in 2020, Berry reflected on her experience in working with the since disgraced director. 

“Bryan’s not the easiest dude to work with,” she told Variety. “I mean, everybody’s heard the stories — I don’t have to repeat them — and heard of his challenges [struggles with addiction to painkillers], and what he struggles with.”

The actress who has been in front of the camera for three decades is taking on double duty with her latest film, “Bruised,” as both the star and director. Despite being told to cautiously step into the role as director, Berry has said it was important for her to truly find out what she is made of by taking on the new challenge.

“What I learned along the way is that it’s f——g hard,” said the Oscar winner during ELLE’s 27th Annual Women in Hollywood Celebration. 

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