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‘Bus Would Smoke ’em Like Barbecue Chicken’: Busta Rhymes Claims Five Rappers Declined to Do a ‘Verzuz’ with Him, Social Media Reacts

Busta Rhymes eagerly wants to participate in a “Verzuz” battle, but reportedly no one is brave enough to take on the New York native, according to b-boy legend Crazy Legs, who says he learned of this information during a recent musical match between Big Daddy Kane and KRS-One. 

In an instagram post uploaded to his account on Tuesday, Oct. 20, Crazy Legs, whose real name is Richard Colón, was photographed posing in the middle of the event’s co-founder Swizz Beatz and Busta for an iconic photo op.

Busta Rhymes (R) reportedly told b-boy Crazy Legs (M) five rappers declined to take part in the Swizz Beatz (L) and Timbaland created musical competition “Verzuz” with Busta. Photo: @crazlegsbx/Instagram

In the caption, CL claimed that when he caught up with the “Got You All in Check” emcee, the 49-year-old allegedly said of his quest to find a challenger, “that 5 people already turned it down.” Without revealing the identities of the five emcees, CL, wrote, “Some things are just what they are. He has the unfortunate pleasure of being a god in the rap game.”

Many people in the comments section appeared to agree with CL’s opinion that it would take a high-caliber artist to compete against Busta whose discography includes records like “Dangerous,” “Touch It,” and “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See.”  

Actor Gary Dourdan asked, “Who the Fug would be batshit enough to battle that Lion.”

“They know Bus would smoke em like barbecue chicken,” claimed another Instagram user.

While Busta hasn’t made it public who the individuals are, fans had already begun to speculate possible challengers, including one person who wrote, “The only person that comes to mind would be @eminem just in terms of checking all the boxes. @therealtechn9ne is right up there for me but people aren’t as familiar with his catalogue on the whole, though we should be.”

CL responded to the fan, “The only thing is that @bustarhymes checks all the boxes as well as brings his own boxes to the game,” to which they fired back, “oh I’m clear he’s in his own league I’m just thinking who would even be formidable.”

CL’s claims match some made by rapper Fat Joe last month, who admitted, during a conversation on his Instagram Live show, that he was “scared to do a “Verzuz” with Busta Rhymes and so is everybody else. 

He added,“You gotta understand, sometimes you ever notice — you seen boxers and they knock everybody out? People be scared to fight those boxers. Busta Rhymes is gonna out-rap, out-perform anybody who goes up in a Verzuz with him. That’s a fact.”

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