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‘She’s Still Not Invited to Any Cookouts’: Stacey Dash’s Sobriety Announcement Derails When Critics Bring Up Her History of Problematic Conserative Views

Stacey Dash has yet to find redemption in the Black community for her past inflammatory remarks. 

The former was made evident when the “Clueless” actress showed a more vulnerable side while opening up about her painful past. While speaking with TV personality Dr. Oz, Dash shared her “deepest, darkest secret” of formerly being addicted to opioids for over a decade.

Actress Stacey Dash says she is finally able to see herself as a better person after reaching five years of sobriety. (Photo: @staceydash/Twitter)

“I just celebrated five years sobriety,” Dash said during the Oct. 14 episode. “In this five years my blessing, greatest blessing, is that not only have I been able to be honest with myself and become a better person.”

Dash revealed that her both her parents struggled with their own drug addictions, and that her mother allegedly introduced her to cocaine at the age of 16. By the end of her teens, she had attempted suicide and found herself in an abusive relationship. Each serving as a contributing factor to her internal turmoil that would be expressed as anger fueling her public and very conservative views.

Dash’s comments that struck a nerve with some in the Black community date back as far as 2013. During her stint as a FOX political pundit, her comments became even more pointed. In 2016, while on-air, Dash claimed then President Barack Obama “didn’t give a s—t” about terrorism. Years later, she upped the ante by backing Donald Trump’s run for president and the Republican party as a whole.

“Because I’m black I’m supposed to therefore be a Democrat, which is absurd,” she told UK publication The Guardian in 2018. “They’re supposed to be the party of tolerance. I don’t see any tolerance. I’ve made a choice to stand up for what I believe in and don’t think I should be condemned.”

But, by March of this year, Dash had done some level of soul-searching that led her to backpedal on the controversial views she once publicly shared. “I was the angry, conservative, Black woman,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “And at that time in my life, it was who I was. I realized in 2016 that anger is unsustainable and it will destroy you. I made a lot of mistakes because of that anger.”

Now, knowing even more about the actress’ backstory, those offended by her past comments still find it challenging to offer sympathy. 

“So she was talking crazy sober!?! I just knew she was high supporting Trump [male shoulder shrug emoji]”

“She’s still not invited to any cookouts”

“Good for her, but we still remember what you said and did ma’am”

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