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‘Do Not’: Amanda Seales Shreds Fan Who Disagrees with Man Who Destroyed Christopher Columbus Statue

Amanda Seales isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes. When social media critics attempted to slam the activist for sharing a video of someone destroying a statue of Italian explorer Christopher Columbus, the “Insecure” actress did not hold back in her response. 

On Monday, Oct. 11, while many people in America celebrated Columbus Day with small town parades and other festivities, Seales shared a viral clip of an unidentified man in the Bahamas taking a sledgehammer to the statue of Columbus. 

Amanda Seales shreds fan who disagree with a man who destroyed Christopher Columbus statue. photo: screenshot @amandaseales/Instagram

According to the Tribune, the incident took place on Saturday, Oct. 8, in front of the Government House. The man was ultimately arrested. However, while many rejoiced over the destruction of the monument with racist ties, others were not so quick to laugh. 

One Instagram user took to Seales’ comments section to write, “Um, I understand his frustration but that is a piece of art. Someone worked extremely hard to sculpt that piece.” 

That person added, “Do it a different way dude. He doesn’t need to be in jail for doing something that will be taken care in due time. The sculpture most likely will be in a museum. Now it’s damaged🤦‍♀️The statue should be removed properly.”

As the criticism piled on, the former “The Real” co-host took the time out to address some of her critics who may have felt confused or offended by the clip. “Let me be clear,” the actress began. 

“When you see the desendents of those whose ancestors, whose civilization were destroyed destroying what you call art… that is actually a monument to the destroyer who caused the destruction that has rippled for centuries,” she continued. 

“Do not. Do not take your time to then tell them that they are doing wrong because what you are actually doing is doing wrong by suggesting that there should be any level of preservation for this art,” she added. 

The 40-year-old ended her fiery response by addressing the artist behind the statue, who claims “Was also on some f-ckshit for considering this person worthy of their artfull skill set. So f-ck them and f-ck you. Happy Indigenous People Day!

Fans of the actress later applauded her for addressing the delicate topic surrounding statues honoring racist historical figures, inlcuding one Instagram user who wrote, “I don’t think you get enough credit for saying what many of us think and feel. Thank you for using your voice.”

“As I’ve said many times before if this was a statue of hitler everyone would agree it couldn’t stay!” wrote another person. “Why oh why is it ok to keep these other mass murderers up.”

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