‘I Said What I Wanna See’: Amanda Seales Hits Back After Facing Harsh Backlash for Questioning Will Smith Being Cast as Venus and Serena Williams’ Father in ‘King Richard’ Movie

Actress Amanda Seales has found herself the topic of public fodder after questioning casting decisions for the upcoming film “King Richard.”

The film chronicles the relentless pursuit Richard Williams, father to Venus and Serena Williams, carried out for his daughters’ success on the tennis court and beyond the city limits of Compton, California.

Amanda Seales questions Will Smith playing Richard Williams in new film. Photo: @amandaseales, @willsmith/Instagram

Starring as the father is Will Smith. The movie’s official trailer was released on Wednesday, July 28, to raving reviews and predictions of this being the role to finally land Smith his first Oscar win. But of all the comments surrounding the upcoming film, the one that took off across social media came from Seales.

In the film ‘King Richard” actor Will Smith portrays Richard Williams, the father of tennis phenoms Venus and Serena Williams. (Photo: @willsmith/Instagram)

The “Insecure” cast member commented beneath a social post, “Will Smith is playing Richard Williams??????????Also, why is this film about Richard Williams??????????”

Not surprisingly, Seales’ comment was met with harsh backlash and even criticism from those claiming the actress is incapable of not making an issue about anything and everything.

“Girl…always looking for something to complain about!! I thought it was a dope idea!”

“What’s wrong with him playing Mr. Williams? From the look of the trailer, he did Amazing!! Sometimes she does too much.”

Some people felt as though the real issue was Seales insinuating that an actor of a darker skin tone should have been cast as the lead.

“She has a point. When Zoe Saldana played Nina Simone it was a huge controversy. Why not find a talented actor closer in the skin tone of the actual person but maybe it’s ‘us’ being colorist?”

“Sometimes it’s about the name attached to the movie, if it’ll see the light of day. I wish this girl would focus on positivity sometimes and less on negativity. That light skin guilt always get her in her bag.”

Venus, Serena and their sister Isha Price each serve as executive producers for the film slated to hit theaters on Nov. 19; leaving fans to assume that if Smith is good enough for them, then certainly he is good enough for movie-goers.

Seales, however, was not willing to allow bandwagon bullying to sway her opinion. In response to the upset caused by her initial comment, she doubled back with, “I said what I wanna see. lol T y’all debatin??? I can have my opinion and you can Stan Will. There is ZERO issue here other than the one y’all are making over some tone having a contrasting POV about A MOVIE!!!!!!😂😂😂whew chile these innanets…”

Regardless of the internet debate among social media users and Seales, the overwhelming response to the trailer proved people are excited to see a Black dad portrayed in a positive light.

“It all started with their dad. I for sure want to see how it all started”


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