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‘I’m Not Crying!!’: Kelly Rowland Shares Heartwarming Moment Shared Between Son Noah and Tina Knowles-Lawson

Tina Knowles-Lawson’s love for Kelly Rowland’s children has hearts aflutter on social media. 

The mother to singers Beyoncé and Solange often swoons over her maternal grandchildren with posts shared to social media. But the love is no different for the two children of the “Destiny’s Child” group member.

Kelly Rowland and sons Titan Jewell and Noah John Weatherspoon. (Photo: @kellyrowland/Instagram)

Rowland shared just a snippet of a heartwarming moment of her youngest son, Noah, being cuddled by Knowles-Lawson during a bottle feeding aboard a boat. The priceless moment was accompanied by an equally emotion-evoking caption: “I’m not crying!!! Nope! [crying emojis] This is the sweetest!! This fills my heart with so much joy, cause I feel like Both My Mother’s are in this pic!…..LOOK at that sky! Noah loves cuddles!! [red heart emojis]”

Fans of the “Motivation” singer were just as touched by the moment, and it showed by the comments they left on the Instagram post. 

“Omg this moment is so sweet! I might shed a tear for real [heart eyes emoji]”

“Awwww so sweet [heart emoji] [heart eyes emoji] she is amazing and ur angel is as well”

“Isn’t that her godmother anyway? I always thought her and Beyoncé was godsisters this is a very beautiful video [heart emoji] [heart eye emoji].”

Rowland and her husband, Tim Spoon, welcomed their first child together — son Titan Jewell — in November 2014. Three weeks into postpartum recovery, Rowland’s mother, Doris Rowland Garrison, died unexpectedly.

In November of last year, Rowland reflected on the impact her relationship with her mother had on her. “She taught me so much in her space, in her stage as a mother, and I’m so grateful to her for that and grateful to her for her sacrifices,” Rowland told talk show host Tamron Hall. “You become a mother and you see why you do or say certain things and some of it is hard to process or understand, but you grow to understand it, and I get it now.”

This January Rowland and her husband welcomed son Noah to the family. Given the impact of the pandemic, Rowland shared that her closest family and friends — including band mates Beyoncé, Michelle, and her bonus mother Knowles-Lawson — all witnessed the birth via a video conferencing call. 

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