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‘I Feel Tall Enough to Enjoy This Ride’: Gabrielle Union Reveals She Created a Bucket List of Sexual Exploits Following Divorce

Many who’ve read Gabrielle Union’s recently released memoir “You Got Anything Stronger” are now well aware of how good the seasoned actress is as a storyteller. Not only that but they are getting to see a comedic and more open side to her that people who aren’t friends and family don’t get to see.

With the release – and success – of the book, Union has been on a tour reflecting on some of the stories she talked about.

Gabrielle Union-Wade reveals why she created a list full of f–kboys after her divorce. (Photo: @gabunion/Instagram)

She recently sat down with long-time friend Chaka Zulu at the Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia, as the two reminisced on Union letting her hair down following her 2006 divorce to retired NFL player Chris Howard.

Posting a snippet of the interview to TikTok, then to Instagram on Thursday, Oct. 7, she revealed that the split fueled her interest in fulfilling sexual fantasies with a few “f–kboys.”

“So I got divorced and like other divorced people, you have a mental bucket list,” she said, starting the story. “I had a bucket list of diddles.” Union said she showed Zulu her list of “diddles” and said, “’Here are my red sea scrolls of gentleman callers I would like to check their [availability] on, check their pulse.”

While trying to be a good friend, Union said Zulu warned her that “99.99 percent of that list are f–kboys.” But to Zulu’s surprise, Union intended to have a list full of people to just have fun with and not take too seriously.

Union, utilizing some of her humorous personality and slick words, got a thunderous laugh from the crowd. “I feel tall enough to enjoy this ride. I will strap in,” she said, while pretending to put a seatbelt on, “and I will hold my arms up and I will buy the picture at the end of the ride.”

But Union has now put those “f-ckboy” fantasies to rest now that she’s been married to Dwyane Wade since 2014 and is a mother to their 2-year-old daughter Kaavia James Union Wade.

In the comments, fans shared their reaction to Union’s story. “Yep!!! This was definitely me after my divorce from first husband. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤣🤣🤣🤣,” said one person. Someone else who enjoyed the story wrote, “So. Funny. You’re the best.”

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