‘Freak’: Gabrielle Union Details Hilarious Story When Janet Jackson Walked In on Her Channeling the Singer at Audition for ‘The Matrix’

At this point in her career, Gabrielle Union has made it to the level of stardom where she has booked several on-screen roles, been nominated for a few awards and attracted hundreds of thousands of fans.

But when she was first starting in the acting business she had her moments of fangirling over other celebrities that were already at the celebrity status that she is at today. In a Wednesday clip of “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” Union sat next to fellow actress and friend Taraji P. Henson and Corden discussing a portion of her recently released book “You Got Anything Stronger.”

(L-R): Gabrielle Union recalls story about how she met Janet Jackson. (Photo: @gabunion/Instagram) (Photo: @janetjackson/Instagram)

During her sit down, she was asked to tell the story about the hilarious moment that she met legendary pop singer Janet Jackson.

She said it happened during the time of auditions for the movie “The Matrix.” The “Being Mary Jane” actress said, “So, went to the audition and to me I needed to feel like the most powerful woman in the world and the most beautiful and the most amazing woman in the world. And so of course I wanted to channel Janet Jackson.”

To pull her Janet Jackson look together, Union said she took a trip to “Extensions Plus,” a place reportedly where one goes if they want “to get the good, good hair.” She continued, “I literally find the exact outfit from her album cover, I draw in the damn mole. I’m like I’m fully committed.” The mother of one got fully into character as she waited for her audition to take place.

Just as she’s starting to feel more like the pop star, “in walks Janet Jackson to the same audition. She’s like, ‘freak,’ ” Union said describing Jackson’s reaction. Fans of “The Matrix” now know that neither Union nor Jackson landed a role in the movie. She made a joke while telling the story and said, “I think we canceled each other out. I’m pretty sure there was probably a restraining order of some sorts.”

However, later in a Miami club, the two did get a chance to be properly introduced. Union said, “We find out we’re at the same club, and her gentlemen caller at the time, Jermaine Dupri, was like ‘Janet wants to meet you come over and meet her.’ ” As she approached the “Rhythm Nation” singer, Union says she was crying. “I’m balling. I start balling in the club like snot bubbles, the whole thing.”

She finally makes it to Jackson and Jackson “jumps up and she gives me this hug and says ‘I’m so proud of you.’ ” Union added that “more snot bubbles” and now the two are “friends.”

Union’s memoir “You Got Anything Stronger?” was released last month and is a follow-up to her first memoir, “We’re Going to Need More Wine.” Similar to her first book, “You Got Anything Stronger?” has made the New York Times Best Sellers list.

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