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‘LHHH’ Fans Are In Tears After K. Michelle Tries to Fight Lyrica Anderson with an IV In Her Arm

The first episode of “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” premiered on Monday and K. Michelle was already involved in drama.

The R&B singer engulfed into a heated argument with songwriter Lyrica Anderson. During their meetup, K. Michelle confronted the “Adia” singer about showing up an hour late to a performance and keeping her fans waiting.

The accusation led to an open mic showdown between the ladies and K. Michelle alleged that Anderson was faking her “marriage.” The 34-year-old then ran over to Anderson and tried to strike her, but security broke up the altercation. However, in the midst of K. Michelle trying to fight the 29-year-old, she grabbed her portable IV pole and carried it with her. Fans were in stitches after watching the hilarious scene.

“K Michelle storming around. Done forgot that she still has an IV in her arm! 😂,” one person added.

“Why did K Michelle just put in an IV mid argument with Lyrica lmao this is too funny 😂,” another said.

“K.Michelle 😭 got an IV in her tryna fight 😂😩 walking around with the pole tryna swing, I lost it,” a fan wrote.

“You guys, I was dying of laughter last night when K. Michelle aka Kimberly now started yelling at Lyrica while having an IV plugged in on her, she’s so scandalous,” one person said.

Anderson clapped back at the mother of one after the “LHHH” episode aired and posted an old screenshot of K. Michelle praising her performance. She wrote, “For a show I [was] supposedly late to… looks like you weren’t all that mad after… but hey cameras call a switch up for a story.”

K. Michelle has been open about the four surgeries she’s undergone to remove illegal butt injections from her system. The shots were reportedly affecting her entire body which may explain why the singer’s IV treatment.

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