‘I Didn’t Notice the Outfit Till the 5th Time I Watched It’: Marjorie Harvey’s Glam Video Derails After Fans Get Distracted By Her Home Decor

Marjorie Harvey‘s latest glam video on Oct. 5 went left after fans solely focused on what they considered the main attraction, the moving bookshelf.

Harvey, who was in town for Paris Fashion Week, used the bookshelf as a prop to showcase her all-black attire. The Chanel pieces included a black jacket with matching shorts and high heels.

Marjorie Harvey’s latest glam video gets derailed when fans solely focus on the moving bookcase. Photo:@marjorie_harvey/Instagram

To top off the already glammed-up recording, the 56-year-old added the caption, “Madame Harvey…… Are you ready?” As fans began to view the video, many of them couldn’t help but bring up the bookshelf that was used to disguise the entryway to a closet.

“I know the video was about Her flyness but can I just gush over the bookshelves!!!!”

“Let me add “sitting room sized closet with retractable bookshelf doors” to the home decor list. Whew! 🔥.”

“I was fixated on the retractable shelving/doors I didn’t notice the outfit till the 5th time I watched it. 🙌🔥”

“The bookshelves! The secret closet! The door opening! The walk! #assignmentunderstood.”

“I am WAAAYYYYYY more interested than this retractable bookcase/wall than Marjorie!!”

In addition to the bookshelves comments, a few people brought up how amazing she looked. One wrote, “MADAME HARVEY!!!is a whole a mood and GOALS!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.” Another said, “Snatched & SNAPPED!!! 🔥🔥🔥.” One Instagram user even mentioned Harvey’s husband, Steve Harvey. That person wrote, “No wonder why Steve is in love. Look at those leggsssss.”

Harvey’s latest look is a step up from what she wore last week. On Sept. 29, the mother of three created a social media debacle among fans after wearing a Fall 2019 YSL green feathered jacket and $1,300 Prada boots. The reason behind the discussion was because fans couldn’t get over how big the lavish boots appeared in the photos and also compared the jacket to the holiday film “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”

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