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‘It’s Giving the Grinch That Stole Christmas’: Marjorie Harvey’s Latest Attire Leads to a Social Media Debate Among Fans

Marjorie Harvey proved on Wednesday, Sept. 29, that high fashion doesn’t always equal best dressed.

The 56-year-old wore an oversized lime green feather coat from the Fall 2019 YSL collection, along with Prada thigh high boots during Paris Fashion Week. Paris Fashion Week began in Sept. 27 and ended on Sept. 30.

Marjorie Harvey’s latest outfit during Paris Fashion Week causes a social media frenzy. Photo:@marjorie_harvey/Instagram

What captured fans’ attention following Harvey’s upload aside from the jacket was the lavish boots, with a $1,300 starting price, depending on the style. Many people were debating in the comments section because they couldn’t agree what was off about the ensemble. Some mentioned it was the jacket, which was compared to the film “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” while others suggested the boots.

“You look beautiful 🔥 maybe it’s the angle your foot looks big 😂.”

“She’s beautiful but what f–king size shoes do she wear them got to be some 14s s–t😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.”

“You’re cute ❤️ but those boots are not.”

“The grinch is what it’s giving.”

“She’s…definitely giving idk what but she’s giving something.”

“She still looks okay but if I’m being honest, it’s giving the Grinch that stole Christmas tease.”

Marjorie Harvey shows off her entire ensemble while posing seductively in a chair. Photo:@marjorie_harvey/Instagram

In addition to the debate, a handful of people couldn’t help but bring up how youthful Harvey appeared. One wrote, “My question is when are you getting old? Always looking like a sweet 16❤️❤️🔥too fine😍.” Another said, “She looks much younger 🔥🔥.” An Instagram user claimed that the star embodies a timeless beauty. “😍😍 she’s literally the expression of “Age is just a number.””

Earlier this week, Harvey stopped fans in their tracks by uploading a style image. The mother of three — who had been absent from social media for more than 20 days — made her return as she wore a black dress donned with a black glittery jacket and nude-colored heels.

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