‘Hotline Cha-Ching’: Tiffany Haddish Reveals the Piece of Financial Advice That Helped Her Get Out of Debt

Comedian Tiffany Haddish will be dishing out good financial advice in her new financial literacy and comedy series, “Hotline Cha-Ching.” The series will stream on the social media channel ATTN: beginning on Monday, Oct. 11.

Haddish has become passionate about generational wealth and financial security, especially, she said, since she’s suffered from financial insecurity in the past.

The comedian has suffered from both homelessness and hunger. However, Haddish is now able to provide care for both her mother, who is in an institution, and grandmother, who has Alzheimer’s. She said that she is able to do so by making smart financial decisions.

Tiffany Haddish
Tiffany Haddish at the MTV Movie & TV Awards on June 16, 2018 (Photo credit: Nicole Alexander/Wikimedia)

Haddish wants to share what she’s learned with others so that they can also be financially literate. With her new partnership, Haddish is creating informational videos about investments that are easy to understand.

One piece of simple advice she found useful is to write down every time you spend money. She noted that seeing what you’ve spent helps to slow you down with spending and get you to re-budget.

“I want them to save their money, have an understanding of what interest rates are, how you can grow money, and how you can get the money to work for you instead of you working for the money,” she said.

The actress also wants to retire early, so she is stacking those dollars and giving advice while she’s at it.

“I’m trying to create something so when I turn 55 or 60 I don’t have to work no more. I’m not about to spend it all up right now. I plan on living to at least 75. I need some money to play with.”

On “Hotline Cha-Ching,” the comedian will talk about her own experiences with finances and answer questions from callers seeking advice. The CMO of Chime, Melissa Alvarado, said that the brand wanted to provide relatable advice to help people grow their finances.

“Together with ATTN: and Tiffany Haddish, we want to give them actionable and relatable advice they can use to start taking control of their financial lives.”

Haddish recently told fans that if her boyfriend Common proposed, she does not want an engagement ring; she wants a house or an apartment building. The actress noted that a ring doesn’t grow in value the way property does, and that property provides financial security.

The comedian also wants to adopt or foster children in the future, and she plans on teaching them everything she knows. She joked that she wanted them to be old enough to use the bathroom alone but young enough to help.

“I just want to bring to them survival skills, share everything that I know with them. I definitely want to either foster kids or adopt and get them at, like, 7 — where they know how to use the bathroom already on their own, they can communicate, they can tell you they’re hungry. They should have some kind of manners, and if not, they can learn ’em.”

“Hotline Cha-Ching” will premiere on ATTN: channels on Oct. 11.

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