‘Not Getting Into My Life’: Tamar Braxton Says She Plans to Return to Television But on Her Own Terms

Tamar Braxton has more to say about her comments regarding her family’s reality TV series “Braxton Family Values” making a possible return and her making a comeback to television as well.

TMZ ran into the “Let Me Know” singer at the Los Angeles International Airport on Thursday, Oct. 7, and the singer opened up about whether she is willing to be on television again.

Tamar Braxton. Photo: @tamarbraxton/ Instagram

Her answer is “No, not getting into my life.” However, for the Tamartians, Braxton’s fan group, there’s still hope. “I’m definitely doing TV again but I’m definitely not doing that again,” she further explained, making it clear that she wants no involvement on a reality show centered around her personal life.

When the cameraman asked whether she would do any type of reality TV again, she said, “Well, not reality life docu-series.” After having a falling out with WE tv, the TV network that broadcast “Braxton Family Values, and accusing WE tv of being the reason she attempted to commit suicide in July 2020, Braxton has been firm on her stance about not doing reality TV about her life.

She has made several claims about disliking how she was being depicted on television and during an early October performance she also expressed not wanting her family to be depicted in a negative light either. “The true depiction of a Black American family, it’s not a bunch of foolishness,” she said on stage and later said if her family cannot tell their story their way “then it won’t happen.” She was let out of her contract with WE tv in 2020, just weeks after she made claims that they have a toxic workplace.

Braxton has since taken a break from reality TV altogether. During her break, she created a podcast called “Under Construction” and has been a guest on several talk shows. However, she made her first reality TV show appearance in August, not as a cast member, but as the host of the reunion show for “Baddies ATL.”

Now the mother of one seemingly is not ruling out television going forward. She told the TMZ cameraman that there “a few” new networks that she feels comfortable working with in the future. There has been no real confirmation on whether “BFV” is returning, but it was confirmed earlier this year which reality show Braxton will be on.

In July, it was announced that she is joining the cast of “The Surreal Life” reboot. The latest update regarding a premiere date for the program is that it will air sometime this fall.

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