‘Who Is She Fooling?’: Fans Bash Masika Kalysha After She Asks for Surgical Advice

Masika Kalysha‘s post on Friday, Oct. 1, about seeking body improvement got derailed after fans accused the 36-year-old of having plastic surgery — in particular, liposuction.

Liposuction is fat removal procedure obtained through cosmetic surgery.

Masika Kalysha fans drag the star for claiming, after asking for surgical advice, that her body is natural. Photo:@theneighborhoodtalk/Instagram

In the upload, Kalysha — who shared a throwback photo of her physique from 2015 — asked her followers for help by sharing the names of their personal trainers or plastic surgeons, in hopes to return to her previous figure.

She wrote in a now-deleted post, “Imma delete this when I wake up butttt this me in 2015 & (swipe) DO YOU MY THIGHS!??? I need a trainer or a plastic surgeon who can get me back to my Pre-KB body ASAP. At this point I don’t too much care which tag yo doctors & yo trainers b–s. We know you not natural it’s okay we don’t care.”

Things began to take a turn when an Instagram user asked the former reality star to “tag her own doctor.” Kalysha responded by tagging the name “Jesus,” which left many insinuating that her pre-baby body is “natural.”

As the blog site The Neighborhood Talk reposted her upload, many followers immediately pointed out that Kalysha was lying about how she got her previous figure. A handful of them suggested her stomach appeared to be a result of a botched surgical procedure.

“Who she fooling ???”

“Not her lying with the lumpy stomach 😒”

“Jesus like “That ain’t got nothing to do with Me!”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂”

“Not she even tagged one of hers 😂😂 I am dying !! Something about her stomach and the way it’s set up screams lipo.”

“Masika that stomach’s been botched.”

This isn’t the first time Kalysha has been accused of having some form of surgery. Last year, after posting a photo of her figure she claimed she gained through working in the gym, many people called her out on it. One social media user even stated again that her figure was obtained by the help of liposuction.

Kalysha clapped back at the naysayers by saying, “I’ve had 5 boob jobs and a hernia repair. I have hella lose skin and cellulite. I busted my ass in the gym since I was 14 u fucking clown. … Y’all gotta stop being so insecure and jealous. Love yourselves and maybe you’ll work as hard as I do to look how you want to look.”

To this point, the only surgical procedure she has publicly admitted to aside from a hernia repair is breast reduction surgery.

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