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‘Gym or Surgery’: Masika Kalysha Fans Call Her Body ‘Fake’ After She Shows Off Her Curves

It looks like fans have a few questions regarding Masika Kalysha‘s appearance.

The “Growing Up Hip Hop” star flexed her slim figure all over social media this week and slightly bragged about her supposed results from working out. She took to Instagram on Sunday and posted a photo of herself wearing a cropped top and low-riding pants.

Masika Kalysha
Masika Kalysha. @masikakalysha/Instagram

The getup showed off Kalysha’s toned midsection and curves. In a separate image, she lifted up her shirt to show more of her assets and wrote in her caption, “Been back in the gym bout 2 weeks and I’m already takin pics like this 🙄😂.”

A few fans, however, slapped down Kalysha’s fitness remarks and accused her of having surgery.

“Thats right work out that surgery and liposuction gone head girl,” one fan wrote.

Another wrote, “Gym or surgery??”

Kalysha responded to critics and wrote, “😂 I’ve had 5 boob jobs and a hernia repair. I have hella lose skin and cellulite. I busted my ass in the gym since I was 14 u fucking clown. … Y’all gotta stop being so insecure and jealous. Love yourselves and maybe you’ll work as hard as I do to look how you want to look.”

Masika Kalysa

Fans chimed in and showered Kalysha with support.

“Damn chicks really be mad smh but be following you though , s–t real weird , social media ah mufuka”

“Girl u live in the gym. U have been fit your whole life lol they swear you had surgery. Hella hating”

In 2017, Kalysha revealed to fans that she’d had a breast reduction nearly a year and half after she’d given birth to her daughter Kharie Barbie.

“Breast reduction no liposuction… no shade it just rhymed lol oh and 15 lbs down. Thanks for cuttin my tits off @officialgoldmedsurgerycenter,” she wrote in a now deleted Instagram post.

When a fan accused her at the time of getting a tummy tuck, Kalysha once again denied the surgery specuation.

“I had a 6 pack my whole pregnancy,” she added. “Y’all hate so bad. Tummy tuck 🤣🤣🤣”

It looks like Kalysha stands by her words that her body is natural.

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