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‘Kevin’s Revenge About to Be Crazy’: Nick Cannon Reignites Prank War with Kevin Hart By Sharing This

Nick Cannon reignited his prank war with Kevin Hart on Monday, Sept. 27, by sharing a photo of the comedian’s private jet with a special surprise.

Cannon and Hart’s prank war originally began in July after the father of seven sent Hart a llama in honor of his 42nd birthday. In retaliation, the “Think Like a Man” star responded by displaying Cannon’s phone number on a digital billboard in Los Angeles, Atlanta and New York.

Nick Cannon reignites prank war with Kevin Hart after covering the comedian’s jet with his talk show poster. Photo:@nickcannon/Instagram

All was fairly quiet between the two men until the 40-year-old’s recent upload. In the image, Cannon is seen laughing while Hart’s private jet is completely wrapped with a photo of Cannon. The picture comes from the star’s promo shoot for his new daytime series, the “Nick Cannon Show,” which premiered earlier this week.

In the caption, Cannon disclosed the sole reason behind this prank was to gain free publicity. He said, “Snuck into @kevinhart4real private hanger over the weekend and personally wrapped his Leer Jet with my whole Face! So now everywhere he flys he will be promoting my New Show!!! Gotcha Back Byaaaach!!! #PrankWars #WeDontStop #NickCannonShow “Kevin Rides The Cannon!!!””

As fans began to view his post, many mentioned how they couldn’t wait for Hart’s response.

“I just wanna see Kevin’s reaction…dassit 😂.”

“Nick you know Kevin is coming back for WAR after this 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂you better watch your back.”

“Kevin’s revenge about to be crazy 😂.”

“Kevin is so gonna get you back for this one 😂😂😂😂😂😂.”

In addition to the photo, Cannon’s prank as well as Hart’s reaction were caught on camera. As the comedian appeared on Cannon’s daytime television show, he revealed how he felt when he first saw his jet.

“I’ll tell you how it feels; it feels like I’ve lost. That’s how it feels, Nick. It feels like you had one in the hole and you saved it. You made me forget all about the little prank wars that we were doing. You saved a good one for last.”

When Cannon asked how Hart plans to retaliate, Hart responded that although the star “got quite the doozy coming,” he is purposely waiting for the aftermath of this current prank to “settle down.”

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