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‘It’s That Time of the Year Again’: Ray J Announces He’s ‘Separated and Single’ After Clearing Posts from His Entire Instagram Account

Ray J Norwood and his ever-changing relationship status made headlines on Wednesday, Sept. 28, after the reality star claimed he is “single.”

What’s shocking enough regarding the news is that the 40-year-old recently celebrated his fifth wedding anniversary to his estranged “again” wife, Princess Love.

Ray J’s current relationship status caught the attention of many people after the blog site Hollywood Unlocked shared the news. Photo:@hollywoodunlocked/Instagram

The couple, which married in August 2016, experienced a lot of drama throughout the course of their marriage, stemming from Norwood’s alleged infidelity. It appeared that this week they may have hit a low point in their relationship because Norwood boldly claimed in his Instagram bio that he’s “separated and single.”

When blog site Hollywood Unlocked shared the news, many didn’t think much of it because of how often both Love and Norwood publicly change their relationship status. One even pointed out that despite the “Love & Hip Hop” alum’s current confession, he forgot to remove the family tab that featured a photo of him and Love in his Instagram account.

“It’s either you separated or you single.”

“Here they go again.”

“It’s that time of the year again.”

“They break up and get back together once a year .. it be like that sometimes.”

“He forgot to delete his highlights as well.”

In addition to the “again” remarks, other social media users suggested that Norwood and Love may have potential upcoming gigs with Zeus network and this “single” tactic was a ploy to grabs peoples’ attention. One wrote, “They’re probably about to drop a new show on Zeus.” Another said, “Tell us you got a new show dropping on Zeus without telling us you have a show dropping.”

The couple filed for divorce last year, with Love filing first and Norwood following suit; the divorce ultimately was called off in March.

In spite of Norwood’s previous statement, details surrounding the pair’s current relationship status have yet to be officially released.

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