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‘He Never Recovered from Lil’ Saint’s Death’: Jokes Ensue After Omarion Asks Twitter Followers About Their Use of the Word Bless

Singer Omarion makes it no secret that he wants to live the most peaceful and clear-minded life possible. Despite having years of experience in the entertainment industry, and all that accompanies a life in the limelight he has managed to discover his zen.

On social he often shares his thoughts on dance being a means of moving energy in the body, and how getting back to nature can help anyone with quieting the noise of gossip and the inevitable curve balls life may throw.

Fans are having a hard time wrapping their minds around singer Omarion’s breakdown of the word ‘bless.’ (Photo: @omarion/Instagram)

But when the B2K band member took to Twitter to pose the following question, there was an immediate scratch in the record.

Followers who found the question to be just a little too “woke” flooded Omarion with questions of their own.

“Would you use semantics if you knew they were some antics?”

“Would u ride a plane if u knew it was telling u to depend on plan e? that shows a lack of faith in your plan a, let alone b and c”

Others threw in their two cents while making jokes and breaking down other words.

“He never recovered from Lil Saint’s death,” jokingly wrote one person referencing the movie “You Got Served.”

“Ice box .. where ur Brain used to be….”

“Just because funeral has the word fun in it doesn’t make it fun.”

“We can’t say good morning….. we can’t say we’re blessed…. there’s too many ruuuuules”

Some even questioned drug use as the culprit behind the mind-bending question.

“What type of plugs do you guys got in Hollywood?”

“You smoking that good shit huh?”

Not being a person who can’t take a joke, Omarion humored his followers by retweeting some comments. But his greater takeaway was prompting people to consider the weight of the words they use.

“Words have power that’s a fact,” he tweeted before bringing his input to a close on the matter. “It’s all love y’all. Let’s keep thinking about the small details. It’s been fun. Have a productive day. Later.🎩✨😊”

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