‘I Believe This Mite be Bigger Than Original’: Bow Wow Teases ‘Like Mike 2,’ Hints It May Include His Daughter

Bow Wow stunned fans on Wednesday, Sept. 8, after admitting during a Q&A session on Twitter that he is working on a sequel for “Like Mike.”

In addition to the announcement, the 34-year-old also insinuated his daughter Shai Moss, 10, may be a part of the project.

“Like Mike” was a movie about Calvin Cambridge, a 14-year-old orphan, who gains basketball skills after discovering a pair of Michael Jordan’s shoes. The 2002 film starred the rapper, alongside Morris Chestnut, Jonathan Lipnicki, Brenda Song, Jesse Plemons and Crispin Glover. The box-office hit also included cameos from various basketball players.

Bow Wow teases “Like Mike 2” in a series of tweets and hints his daughter Shai Moss may be involved. Photo: @shadmoss/Instagram

The initial tweet that led to the “Like Mike” sequel unveiling occurred after a Twitter user asked Bow if he “planned on making more movies.” He responded by writing, “For the rest of my life.” When another user asked the “Like You” emcee if he was going to do a sequel for the 2010 film “Lottery Ticket,” he said, while blurting out the “Like Mike” news, “We are working on a like mike sequel. Its all just ideas as [of] now. But yes we have been talking. So far, so good.”

Prior to sharing “another gem” regarding the film, Bow addressed the already created “Like Mike 2: Streetball,” the TV movie that was released in 2006 after one fan claimed the rapper should leave the reboot idea “alone.” The father of two stated while defending himself and the writer of the first “Like Mike” movie, “We didn’t do like mike 2. I’m back with the original writer of the classic! Like mike 2 shoulda have never been made.”

Bow’s final tease for the “Like Mike” sequel came after one fan suggested the rapper include his 10-year-old daughter in the project. He wrote, “Shhhhh….. another gem ima drop. It wont be called LIKE MIKE. But LIKE someone. We are taking our time with this one. I believe this mite be bigger than original. Cant wait.”

As Bow Wow’s tweets became viral, many people praised the idea of a “Like Mike” reboot with Shai. One even pointed out how the rapper could play her father in the film.

“I’d love to see it. His daughter is naturally funny.”

“Would be cute to have his daughter star instead and he play her dad awww 😍.”

“I’m only watching if Shai is in it.”

“Ok if his daughter does it he might be on to something.”

“I think a Like Mike 2 with Shai would be DOPE 💯.”

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