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‘He Will be Happy Also’: Waka Flocka’s Mom Deb Hits Back After Fans Seemingly Celebrates Waka and Tammy Rivera’s Breakup

Juaquin “Waka Flocka” Malphurs‘s mom Debra Antney took to Instagram recently to seemingly confirm Malphurs and Tammy Rivera‘s breakup. Antney’s remarks followed the lyricist’s “it’s beautiful” statements when addressing the situation to the press.

Separation rumors have been circulating for months after the alleged estranged couple’s respective birthday posts to each other. To add fuel to the fire last week, an unnamed source who is close to the pair claimed to blog site The Neighborhood Talk that they have quietly separated. Despite the allegations, no explanation behind the alleged breakup was provided.

Waka Flocka dodges question about separation rumors relating to him and his wife Tammy Rivera. (Photo: @charliesangell/Instagram)

As fans flooded the site’s comments section with their own theories and remarks to the news, one Instagram user stated on Sept. 8 that if the rumors are true, Rivera’s inbox will be filled with messages from many suitors.

The following day, Antney then took it upon herself to say, regardless of if this action happens, the rapper would be just fine. The entertainment manager wrote, “He will be happy also.” When Antney’s initial statement became viral, a multitude of social media users bashed the 59-year-old for saying anything regarding the situation.

Waka Flocka’s mom Debra Antney seemingly confirmed the rapper and Tammy Rivera’s breakup following recent rumors. Photo:@theneighborhoodtalk

“As if the original comment ever said he wouldn’t be fine. Girl Deb it’s giving them hit dogs doing a lil hollering.”

“True mama form ‘don’t do my baby. He good too.’ 😂”

“Now why you post that. When you know you be all up on in Tammy’s face. Like didn’t you say you love her she’s a daughter you never had. They change so quick 😒.”

“Now Debra…😒.”

In addition to the backlash, others suggested that Antney should stay out of it. One wrote, “LMAO Deb bye, we didn’t ask 😂. Please let them handle it.” Another said, “She should stay out of it.”

In spite of the recent separation rumors, this isn’t the first time that Malphurs and Rivera have split. In 2016, the “Waka and Tammy” stars broke up for six months reportedly because of the “No Hands” rapper’s cheating. As for the recent news, neither party has confirmed the allegations.

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