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‘My Boy Said He Ready to Drive’: Russell Wilson’s Fans React to His Driving Video with Son Win

Russell Wilson demonstrated on Tuesday, Sept. 7, that it’s never too early to learn how to drive after uploading a video with his 1-year-old son, Win Wilson.

The Seattle Seahawks quarterback, who enters the first week of the regular football season on Sept. 12, appeared to have game day in mind when he captioned the heartfelt moment of him going over basic motor skills: Win “Week 1 Vibes! Work day!” In the clip, Wilson says while instructing and maneuvering the toddler’s hands on the wheel of the parked vehicle, “Drive, drive, drive… Put your blinker on. Go left. Turn left. Whip it, whip it, whip it… Go right. Put your blinker on. There you go, keep turning…There you go, good, put it in park.”

Russell Wilson (left) posts a new video teaching his son Win Wilson (right) how to drive. Photo: @dangerusswilson/Instagram

Things took a slight turn when Win decided he wanted to take his freshly learned abilities out on the main road by shifting the car’s gear to drive. But luckily the 32-year-old immediately halted that idea toward the end of the recording by saying, “Don’t put it in drive now.” As people began to view the doting father’s post, many brought up Win’s eagerness to drive after one lesson, while discussing the clip’s ending.

“When you find your car gone, you’ll know who will have it 😂.”

“Haha, Baby Win was ready to drive after his first lesson.”

“My boy said he ready to drive 🔥😂😍.”

“Lil man ready to roll the whip! 😍.”

“Already put it in to driving 😂😂😂😂.”

In addition to the “eagerness” remarks, several pointed out how deeply concentrated Win looked during the fake lesson. One wrote, “He’s so 😍 It’s the seriousness for me trying to turn the steering 😂.” Another said, “The baby is literally concentrating!”

An Instagram user mentioned how cute it was that the toddler thought he was actually driving. “Win actually thinks he’s driving! Cute.❤️❤️.”

Aside from fake driving, Win, who turned one in July, recently reached a developmental milestone; he took his first steps on the football field while visiting his dad at practice.

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