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‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Star Ryan Henry Sits Down with ‘Best Friend’ After Sneaking Around with His On-and-Off Girlfriend

The season return of VH1’s hit reality television show “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” is just a few days shy of a month away from its big premiere, and by the looks of the newest trailer, tattoo boss Ryan Henry may finally have to come face to face with his past transgressions, including sleeping with his best friend Anthony Lindsey’s ex-girlfriend Nina Marie. 

As previously reported, Lindsey accused the reality star of having a sexual relationship with Marie, who is also the mother of Henry’s godchildren, last year during Lindsey’s battle with cancer. Henry eventually confessed and later apologized, citing his depression played a significant role in how he handled the incident. Henry admitted that “I hurt people that I care about badly.” He added, “I disrespected myself and my family.”

Ryan Henry. Photo: Screenshot/ YouTube

“I cross the line as a friend by sleeping with his child’s mom,” Henry is heard telling Lindsey in the 1-minute sneak peek clip.  An emotional Lindsey is seen asking Henry “why?” “I’m f-cked for what I did to you. I’m sorry,” he shouts in the next scene.  

Elsewhere in the video, viewers were also given a glimpse at what some of the other cast mates have been up to, including Charmaine Bey, who has been dealing with the passing of her father, Michael Walker, last month. Walker had been battling esophageal cancer. 

Charmaine made the heartbreaking announcement on social media and shared several images of the pair sharing daddy-daughter moments. “Today you transitioned 🕊❤️,” she captioned the post at the time. “It’s been a hard few months but If I can find the positive, I’m glad you no longer have to suffer. I love you forever pops. Daddy’s girl forever.”

 In June, the reality star revealed that her father was diagnosed with stage-four esophageal cancer and routinely shared some of the issues he was dealing with, including having experienced seizures and memory loss while undergoing chemotherapy. Walker’s death comes nearly two years after Charmaine lost her mother, Glenda Walker, to a heart attack on Oct. 23, 2019.

Season 7 of “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” is scheduled to debut on Monday, Oct. 4, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on VH1. 

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