‘I Hurt People That I Care About Badly’: Ryan Henry Admits to Sleeping with His Best Friend’s Ex-Girlfriend Nina Marie

Ryan Henry has officially responded to allegations that he slept with his best friend Anthony Lindsey’s off-and-on again girlfriend Nina Marie — who also happens to be the mother of Anthony’s child, Caydenn.

Last week, Anthony took to his social media account and accused the “Black Ink Crew Chicago” star of sleeping with his child’s mother while he battled cancer. On Friday, Oct. 17, the reality star, who is also the godfather to Anthony’s son, confessed to having a sexual relationship with Nina during an Instagram Live session.

Ryan Henry
Ryan Henry @ryanhenrytattoo/Instagram

“I hurt people that I care about badly,” Ryan explained. “I disrespected myself and my family.” The 33 year old claimed that his depression played a role in how he handled the situation and that it kept him from communicating that properly to his loved ones and Anthony.

“Just to be clear, I’m not the victim in this,” Ryan continued. “Everybody that surrounds me was. This particular moment is definitely not about me. It’s about me apologizing publicly because so many people will feel that I didn’t say anything, or some people will feel that I didn’t care.”

The 9MAG owner added that before the affair was exposed on social media, he and Lindsey, along with his ex and Ryan’s ex, all spoke about the situation. “I’ve apologized to Anthony. We talked. We talked a lot after this happened. Ya’ll just got it a little bit later.”

Nina also took her Instagram Live to address the issue, admitting that “It was a selfish decision in my part.” Nina also insinuated that Anthony was not “innocent” and that she had been physically abused before the cheating occurred, which she partly blamed for her stepping out on her relationship. On Sunday, Oct. 18, Nina took to her Instagram account, to show off bruises from the alleged attacks.

“The person that I trusted to protect me and LOVE me ended up intentionally HURTING ME. Knowing that I was defenseless and weak BOTH times,” she wrote in a lengthy caption.  She added, “This man has hurt me over and over and over again and over and over and over again I’ve forgiven him. What hurts the most is the one time I make a mistake, which in my opinion is not as traumatic or terrible as what he has done, and he decides that publicly bashing me is the way to go when I’ve consistently dealt with our issues PRIVATELY.”

Nina concluded her post by saying that “I’m posting this so you all can see who I’ve been dealing with and who is really behind the phone screen dragging my name through the mud when in actuality he is a terrible person himself.”

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