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‘Mendeecees Is Hilarious’: Yandy Smith’s Fans are Left In Tears After Viewing Mendeecees’ Reaction to a Back Massage

Yandy Smith-Harris‘ latest promo video was derailed on Thursday, Sept. 2, after fans solely focused on her husband Mendeecees Harris reaction to getting a massage.

In the initial clip, the “Love & Hip Hop” star was describing in an Amazon Live Video the countless features the Toloco Massage Gun had including the replaceable massage heads. Before Smith-Harris used her husband as a test subject in hopes to get him relaxed for their date night, she gave him the option to choose a massage head he wanted to try out. The music producer ultimately chose the fork head, which is used to focus on an individual’s neck, spine and achilles tendon.

Yandy Smith-Harris’ latest video with her husband Mendeecees Harris left fans in tears following his reaction to getting a massage. Photo:@yandysmith/Instagram

Immediately after Smith-Harris started the device and place it on his back, the father of four began to shimmy while shouting “Oh.” As the 42-year-old continued to complain throughout the course of the video, Smith-Harris repeatedly told him to “relax” in order to enjoy the experience. She said as she moved the massage gun up and down his back, “You gotta relax. Relax your shoulders.” Harris in return responded he couldn’t “get used to this feeling.” Near the end of the video, Smith-Harris showed her husband the effects the machine has when applied to the lower back, in which he reacted by laughing and reiterating his previous reaction.

Smith-Harris shared a caption alongside the video that stated she should give her husband more massages. “Have y’all ever seen someone act like this over a massage? I’m gonna have to treat @mendeecees to massages more often.” As fans viewed the recording, many couldn’t get over Harris’ priceless response.

“Mendeecees is hilarious, I love this family.”

“Mendeecees is so silly. I really love you two. You guys are perfect for each other.”

“I’m cryyyyyyyyyyyyyying!!!! 😩😩😩😂😂😂😩😩😩😭😭😭 Omg! Funny as s–t!!”

“😂😂😂 it’s the faces for me lol “

“OMG His reaction was so classic!!!😂😂.”

In addition to the fans’ funny remarks, one Instagram user suggested Harris do a “practice run” whenever trying something with his wife. That person wrote, “Mendecees stop having her do things to you without a practice run please lol.”

The couple recently made headlines this past week after Smith-Harris tried to teach her husband how to dance in hopes to promote the men’s line to her skincare brand Yelle.

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