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‘Beeeen Stacked’: Porsha Williams Denies BBL Allegations with Receipts, Fans Praise the Reality Star

Porsha Williams cleared the surgical air on Tuesday, Aug. 24, after fans accused the reality star from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” of having a Brazilian butt lift following her viral body-positive post.

A Brazilian butt lift also known as a BBL is a fat transfer procedure that increases the size and shape of the buttocks without using implants. Williams’ particular upload, which was shared hours before her clap back, included an unedited image of her body, “fupa” and all.

Porsha Williams denies having a Brazilian butt lift by showcasing throwback photos of herself from past seasons of “RHOA.” Photo:@porsha4real/Instagram

The 40-year-old decided to bring the butt lift allegations to rest by posting a stream of photos of her curvy backside during her first season of “RHOA” in 2012. Williams initially claimed in the caption that her previous motive behind widely shared pics was to inspire others. The mother of one wrote, while informing her followers that contrary to popular belief, she’s always “beeeen stacked.” “Don’t Play with me beeeen stacked! 👏🏾 Tried to help but some of y’all crazy 😂😂😂 #Cornbreadfed #CocoandChanel #1stSeason #ThisIsFun #BabyPeach #GrowswhenweGrow #FunThrowback #BodiedByPorsha.”

Despite peoples’ assumptions of Williams getting her butt enhanced, there hasn’t been any actual proof. The only surgical procedure the “RHOA” star has confessed to was getting her breasts done after her divorce from ex-husband Kordell Stewart.

As Wiliams’ post began circulating, many applauded the reality star for bringing out the “receipts,” while others backed up the star’s initial statements of being “stacked.”

“You better show them you been a stallion!! Yes ma’am @porsha4real ❤️🔥.”

“Porsha said let me pull out the receipts for y’all in these throw back pics boo boo 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 TELL THEM girl!”

Allegations of a Brazilian butt lift for Porsha Williams began after the “RHOA” star shared a body positive post. Photo:@porsha4real/Instagram

“Not the peach receipts 😭🍑.”

“Definitely always had the wagon lol.”

Williams’ body positive “public service announcement” was the reality star’s way of encouraging her followers to love the body they have despite any noticeable imperfections. She wrote, ” PSA: If you have a– and have not had lipo or tummy tuck dis what yo stomach and body gone look like! Get whatever surgery you want but at least remember if you have a fupa or gut it’s OKKKKK 💕I was just trying in my @amazon dress and figured I would share that 😂 #Willdelete#PositiveMessage#InRealLife.”

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