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‘That Range Though’: T.I.’s Singing Video of Daughter Heiress Leaves Fans Stunned Over Her Vocal Talents

Heiress Harris proved to viewers of her dad T.I.‘s newly uploaded Instagram video on Tuesday, Aug. 24, that leisure time won’t stop the pre-schooler from belting out a few notes.

In the initial recording, the rapper is seen sneakily entering the lounge area where his 5-year-old daughter is harmonizing and playing Roblox. Roblox is a online game platform that allows users to create and participate in games developed by other users.Throughout the course of the entire video,

Harris is heard singing “oh” with other incomprehensible words. As the clip comes to an end, T.I. gets Harris’ attention by calling her by her nickname, Scoop.

T.I. shares a video of his daughter Heiress Harris singing as she plays a game. Photo:@troubleman31/Instagram

Alongside the clip, the doting father informed his millions of followers in his caption that this was just “another day” with his “baby boss” in the Harris household. He wrote, “Just another day with my lil superstar genius baby boss @heiressdharris Never a dull moment & We NEVER KNOW what to expect.” While fans began to watch the clip, many of them flooded the “Live Your Life” emcee’s comments section with compliments over Harris’ vocal range. One Instagram user claimed if she is this talented at 5 years old that Harris will become a “beast” as she ages.


“😂😂😂 she’s a star 4sho.”

“That range is crazy !!! She’s is going to be a beast !!! 😍.”

“That’s how it all starts bro! She definitely has a great voice!! 💪🏾💪🏾💯💯.”

“It’s the notes for me ❤️🔥sing it girl Multitasking at its finest lol 🤣😂… practice singing while playing Roblox . ✔️ You beta get haaaa some robuxxx!”

Harris’ talent made headlines in July after she covered “Bills, Bills, Bills” by Destiny’s Child. The song was originally co-written by her auntie Kandi Burruss, who ultimately confessed that the 1999 hit was inspired by a failed relationship with an ex. In addition to Harris’ cover shared by her mom, Tiny Harris, the “entertainer” also sang a song she composed herself.

Tiny later admitted the reason why she posted the clips was because she wanted everyone to see how much her daughter loves to perform. She wrote, “So my lil entertainer @heiressdharris love to sing so I asked her to sing something for me. The first time I missed it so I asked her to do it again & this what did. So after her original # she sung it for me!! Auntie @kandi she likes your work.”

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