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‘The Movements Though’: TI and Tiny Harris’ Daughter Heiress Singing ‘Bills Bills Bills’ Steals the Hearts of Many, Including Kandi Burruss

Tameka “Tiny” Harris stunned fans on July 8 after the singer took to Instagram to display her daughter Heiress Harris‘ many talents, including a possible future in singing and songwriting in a stream of videos. One of the surprised yet supportive fans included Tiny’s Xscape band member and Heiress’ “auntie” Kandi Burruss. 

In the initial clip, the 5-year-old is seen singing an original song she composed herself. At the same time, another recording showcased Heiress paying tribute to Burruss as the toddler performed a song she wrote, “Bills, Bills, Bills” by Destiny’s Child. Burruss ultimately confessed that her inspiration behind the 1999 hit was based on a past relationship experience with an ex that was dating one of the members of Destiny’s Child at the time.

Tameka “Tiny” Harris uploaded a stream of videos of her daughter Heiress Harris performing two songs, including Kandi Burruss’ hit “Bills, Bills, Bills.” @majorgirl/Instagram

The “T.I & Tiny Family Hustle” star informed her followers that the reason why she shared the video was to show how much her baby girl loves to “entertain.” She wrote, “So my lil entertainer @heiressdharris love to sing so I asked her to sing something for me. The first time I missed it so I asked her to do it again & this what did. So after her original # she sung it for me!! Auntie @kandi she likes your work🤪 👑💜🎤.”

Upon viewing the post, Burruss immediately commented how much she loved Heiress’ performance. The reality star said, ” 😍 My lil superstar in the making! I love myself some @heiressdharris! ❤️.” 

Many people expressed those exact sentiments as Burruss once the clips became viral. A couple of them mentioned how the toddler’s movements, including the neck rolls, gave the performance the specific edge it needed to be great.  

“This was really good.😍.”

“It’s the neck roll for me 😍😍😍 LOL.”

“The movements though 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽.”

“Baby girl ain’t to be played with she a whole vibe and can really sing with her cute self I love it ❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏.”

“When she took the breath at the beginning…I already knew she was about to do her thing! Good job pretty girl! 😍.”

This isn’t the first time the toddler’s vocals took social media by storm. Back in March, Tiny uploaded two videos of Heiress and her father T.I. as the girl sang Beyoncé’s 2006 hit single “Irreplaceable” with the rapper dancing in the background. As Heiress wrapped up she pointed out how funny her father’s dancing was. She said, “Your dance was funny.” He replied while smothering her with kisses “Your song was funny.” 

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