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‘Toxic Behavior’: Apryl Jones’ Video About Financial Status Causes a Social Media Debate

Apryl Jones‘ latest upload about financial status on Thursday. Aug. 19, stirred up a heated debate on social media after many claimed the video’s message was “toxic.”

The former “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” star initially uploaded an Instagram Reel, a 15-second multi-clip video, with the age-old question regarding choosing a life of happiness with no financial stability or being rich and living a sad life. In the recording, Jones chose the “sad but rich” lifestyle and displayed several instances of her looking visibly emotional as she indulged in the perks throughout the video.

Apryl Jones’ latest post about financial status causes a debate among social media users. Photo:@aprylsjones/Instagram

The initial examples, which included different backgrounds, showcased the mother of two carrying designer items such as a Balenciaga shopping bag, boarding on a private jet, sipping wine on a beach and drinking a bottle of wine in what appears to be a yacht. Jones added more fuel to the fire by captioning the post, “Poverty may be a temporary state of being for some, but NEVER choose poverty! Ima cry all the way to the bank!#RichB–hChronicles.”

As the reality star’s upload made its rounds on social media, a handful of people voiced how one’s ranking doesn’t equate to happiness, while others agreed with Jones.

“Hard to know your worth when it’s attached to material s–t. Why not be happy and rich/wealthy? Who really wants to be sad/mad/miserable- despite what’s in the bank?”

“Nah this is definitely pitiful and toxic behavior.”

Apyrl Jones Photo:@aprylsjones/Instagram

“Y’all swear having money makes a person happy …. Happiness is a choice no amount of money can make u happy!”

“Lmao real talk tho 💯💯💯.”

“Girl I’m with you..I’ll just have a top notch therapist on speed dial”

“Exactly.. poverty is a mindset that can be overcome…”

The 34-year-old recently made headlines after she disclosed her current relationship with the father of her two children, Omarion, during a Q & A session on Instagram Live. Jones said, “I don’t know how to answer this, um, there is no relationship.”

She added that despite not having a relationship with the singer, they found a system that works for their children. “We found a method, but there is no relationship. Nothing at all, zip, zero, nada. But like I said there’s a method there so that’s great.”

The longtime couple, which broke up in 2016, share a son, Megaa Grandberry, 6, and a 5-year-old daughter, A’mei Grandberry.

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