‘You Got Served’: Apryl Jones Shares That Her Ex Omarion Keeps Taking Her to Court About Their Two Children

Apryl Jones revealed during an Instagram Live on Aug. 4 that her ex Omarion “constantly” serves her papers relating to their two children Megaa Grandberry, 6, and 5-year-old A’mei Grandberry. During a Q&A session with her followers, Jones shared her current relationship status with the singer. She said on mark 8:05, “I don’t know how to answer this, um, there is no relationship.”

Despite their nonexistent relationship, Jones added that the former couple, who split in 2016, found a “method” when it comes to raising their children. “We found a method, but there no relationship. Nothing at all, zip, zero, nada. But like I said there’s a method there so that’s great.”

Apryl Jones opens up about her nonexistent relationship with her ex and the father of her two children Omarion while also sharing that he “constantly serves” her with court papers. (Photo: @apryljones/Instagram, @omarion/Instagram)

As the video continued, the 34-year-old disclosed that although finding a common ground with her ex when it pertains to their children is important, one thing she could live without is the constant court drama. Jones said as she elaborated on the pair’s method of co-parenting, “The method is hard, because he has people that help him with the kids. So I rather preferably deal with them. So that’s our method.”

She added while joking about her “served” papers by mentioning Omarion’s 2004 hit dance film “You Got Served!”

“And I’m always getting served,” Jones described. “That’s just the truth. So constantly having to deal with that in court and all this, I’m tired. I would preferably like for it to stop, but that’s just kind of what it’s boiled down to. But like I said, we figured out a method that doesn’t bother me anymore as far as being served. I know you guys are going to laugh because you going to be like, ‘Haha, you got served, haha.’ It’s like, I laugh too, because how is that? But, honestly, it’s OK.”

Jones wrapped up the conversation by stating that the unspecified court drama between her and Omarion doesn’t matter because she can’t “control people and what they are going to do.” She also disclosed that despite where her and Omarion’s relationship stands, she’s hopeful that it gets in a better position for the sake of their children.

Despite revealing her current relationship status and the court drama with Omarion, Jones didn’t really clarify why the 36-year-old keeps hauling her back into court, claiming she is unsure herself.

As the clip of Jones’ Instagram Live became viral many voiced their instant reactions to her revelation. Some claimed that the “Touch” singer was right for taking legal steps in making sure his children are safe given the reality star’s former actions in the public, with one of them being dating Omarion’s B2K bandmate Lil Fizz. While others felt that Jones was leaving some information out when opening up about her court issues.

“You f–k my mans from my group I been friends with for years IMMA KEEP SERVING YOU TOO .. NO LETTIN UP.”

“If the kids are ok I don’t see why he keeps on serving her, but for that previous clown behaviour displayed by April…..go ahead sir. 💞”

“People that truly care about the welfare of their children don’t care if it’s 42 years you’ve been separated they are going to always come after you when it concerns their children. Not saying she’s doing anything wrong just stating facts.”

“If she said she gives him the kids whenever he wants, I wonder what could be be serving about?”

“Must be a reason he’s serving you?”

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