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‘I Don’t Think So’: Joie Chavis Vocal Challenge Comes to a Screeching Halt After Her Daughter Shai Does This, Leaving Fans In Tears

Joie Chavis and Bow Wow‘s daughter Shai Moss overshadowed Chavis’ performance on Aug. 14 after the 10-year-old attempted to participate in a vocal TikTok challenge. In the initial challenge created by TikTok user Tianie Dacosta an individual is supposed to sing vocal runs of the words “See, I’ll be on my way.” A vocal run is a series of notes sung in quick succession, and it usually sticks out from a track. 

The video captioned, “Shai play all day 😭 @tianiedacostaa” showcased Chavis dominating the challenge with her rendition of the run as Moss is seen rolling her eyes in the background. When she stepped up to take a shot at it, Moss’ notes were anything but satisfactory with her off-key tone. Before Moss could finish the notes, Chavis cuts her off and says, “Um, mmm, mmm.” 

Joie Chavis’ vocal run challenge goes left after her daughter Shai Moss attempts it. @joiechavis/TikTok

Although it is unclear if Moss can actually sing, it didn’t stop fans from sharing their opinions. Many of them suggested she stick to dancing. Others brought up the interaction between mother and daughter. 

“😂😂😂😂😂 Shai keep dancing suga.”

“Well the poor baby can’t be perfect in everything 😂😂.”

“Shai play all day 😂😂 love them!!”

“😂😂😂😂 it’s ok babygirl at least your dancing skills on point.”

“Daughter: starts singing Mom: I don’t think so.”

While many people discussed Moss’ lack of vocal talent, others disclosed how surprised they were when they learned Chavis can sing. One wrote, “Ok Joie, she got a nice lil choir voice.” Another said, “Oh she can sing sing 😍.”

A social media user mentioned how the mother of two is a multi-talented individual being a dancer and now singer. They said, “Wait. Joie can sing!?!! This woman a Jack of all trades.”

Chavis, alongside her daughter Moss, have often displayed their dancing skills in many challenges. The duo’s most recent viral dance video was the “Breakfast Challenge.” The challenge consisted of mimicking the sounds of utensils and cooking ingredients such as a spoon stirring in a container, cracking an egg, chopping onions, and crunching. The challenge was essentially inspired by a TikTok user Spence’s ASMR video creating a breakfast omlette. 

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