‘Shai Is a Superstar’: Bow Wow’s Daughter Shai Moss Steals the Show When Participating in ‘Breakfast Challenge’ Dance with Mom Joie Chavis

Shai Moss took social media by storm on Monday, July 19, after her mother Joie Chavis uploaded a TikTok video of the duo participating in a viral dance challenge called the “Breakfast Challenge,” remixed with the “Teach Me How to Dougie” instrumental backtrack. 

Although it is uncertain when the challenge officially took off, the original slowed-down music and video sounds were introduced in 2019 after a TikTok user named Spence uploaded an autonomous sensory meridian response or ASMR video creating a breakfast omelet. ASMR is a type of sensation that people experience when they watch stimulating videos or participate in activities involving close personal attention. 

Shai Moss overshadowed her mother Joie Chavis’ spotlight as the duo participated in the “Breakfast Challenge,” a viral TikTok dance challenge where users mimic the food and utensil sounds used to make the most important meal of the day. Photo:@joiechavis/Instagram

The 10-year-old’s dancing abilities became the focal point of the recording after fans viewed the pair mimicking the sounds of utensils and specific ingredient components used to create the most important meal of the day. The initial sounds include cracking an egg, chopped onions, crunching and a spoon stirring in a container as they added their own spin to the viral challenge. 

Chavis, who is seen complementing Moss’ moves in the background as her daughter stole the show, told her legions of followers that she’s content with Moss overshadowing her spotlight because of how “effortlessly” she demolishes the dances. The mother of two said in her caption, “My baby always outdo me effortlessly 😩😍 @_shaimoss.” 

Many fans reiterated Chavis’ caption by mentioning how “talented” Moss is. One user went as far as to compliment Chavis and Moss’ father Bow Wow for allowing the 10-year-old to freely express herself and because of that they pointed out she “has so much personality.”

“Shai is a super star ⭐️.”

“Shai and who ??? Because I don’t see no one but her 😍.”

“That girl is TALENTED.”

“Shai got it so effortlessly 😍.”

“I love how she has so much personality and they allow her to be herself.”

Despite the many praises Moss has received for her moves, this utters a different tone the 10-year-old has been acquiring from social media users as of late. Recently both Moss and Chavis received flak for Moss’ “grown” personality after viewers watched a video of the pair dancing along to “Touch Down To Cause Hell” by Hd4president.

In the May 24 clip captioned, “When a mom and daughter dance turns into the daughter doing too much ;p,” the mother-daughter duo is seen executing the challenge according to plan which included the pair turning around and shaking their rumps as the beat drops.

The controversy surrounding the clip occurred after Moss started waving her left arm in the air and shaking her hips. Immediately following Moss’ stance, Chavis quickly escorted the 10-year-old off camera.

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