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‘Damn Was Apryl Involved at All’: Omarion’s Birthday Wish to His Son Megaa Overlooked By Fans Noticing 7-Year-Old’s Uncanny Resemblance to the Singer  

Omarion‘s birthday wish to his 7-year-old son Megaa Grandberry on Aug. 7 was overshadowed by the duo’s striking resemblance after fans bombarded the 36-year-old’s comment section with comparison statements. 

In the initial post, Omarion shared a stream of photos of Grandberry, including an image of the pair sitting side by side. He captioned the upload, “My baby O-boy is stepping into his big boy shoes now. #7 on the 7th.🎊🎉🎊. I love you sun. Time is flying. Make no mistake, you are a great. 👑. #MegaaO #7.”

Omarion’s happy birthday wish to his son Megaa goes left after fans point out the strinking resemblance between father and son. @omarion/Instagram

As the singer’s post gained virality, countless people couldn’t help but mention the similar features the boy shares with his father. A fan even asked if Omarion’s ex and the mother of his two children Apryl Jones’ genes were involved in the creation process. 

“His kids are honestly a copy and paste of him 😂.”

“Damn them kids got his entire face 😂😂.”

“He’s starting to look like his dad in a smooth way w them eyes and eyebrows although you still see Apryl in a slight way.”

“He Spit Them Kids Right Out.”

“Damn was Apryl involved at all.”

Megaa Grandberry and Omarion. (Photo: @omarion/Instagram)

Despite having a multitude of comparison comments, other people were baffled by how quickly Grandberry has grown. One wrote, “He’s getting so big OMG 😍😍😍.” Another said,”Mega is so big….🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾.” An Instagram user brought up how fast time flies because it seemed it wasn’t too long ago that viewers watched Jones give birth to Megaa during an episode of “Love & Hip Hop.” “Waiiiit Is that the boy Apryl had in that kiddy pool on LHH ? 😍😢 damn, time flies if it is.”

Earlier in the day, Jones commemorated Grandberry’s birthday by penning a loving message to her “amazing baby boy.” She wrote, “7 years ago I had the most amazing baby boy. Megaa you have changed my life in ways I could never put in words. You made me see life for what it truly is. Selfless, loving, and pure.”

Jones added that she wished she could slow time down while disclosing how proud she is of her son. “This time has flown by and I wish I could slow down the clock. I’m so proud of how incredible of a human you already are. Mommy loves you more than you’ll ever know my love. Happy golden 7th on the 7th;) ❤️.”

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